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hiding from you

OTO also helps to build your list – Your subscribers spread the words about you. If they have a bad experience with you, not only they’ll unsubscribe, but they will also spread negativity about you in forums / discussion list etc. The same goes with OTO. If the OTO that you’ve arranged is of real value, bet that your subscribers will also mention it to their friends or in forums / discussion list that they get “this” or “that” from you as a subscriber. (That’s why you have to make the “this” and “that” something unique, so that the OTO can turn to be a viral list builder)

And For Your Customers..

Increase the level of trust on you – Your customers will be grateful to be able to grab the OTO that you offer. Since the OTO cannot be acquired elsewhere, they trust you as a person with sincerity, friendliness and integrity. This also means the chances they will follow your recommendation in future is extremely high.

They save cost – As mention earlier in the definition part, they get quality products that you offer at a much lower price. It can be a lower price compared to the market price or that a lower price compared to if they buy each separate product individually.

Okay, that explain why you should start using OTO now. Generally speaking, OTO is a win-win offer that both you and your customers gain.