Number 5 HTML version

Sammy’s on her way home, so I will see you in the morning.” “Sure
thing, boss, see you then.”
John arrived home, to an empty, dark apartment. Sammy was not home
yet. Strange, but he did’nt think anything of it. She probably
stopped off at the garage for something to nibble on.
He kicked off his shoes, and made himself comfy in front of the TV,
waiting for Sam. He had missed her particularly a lot today, he
didn’t know why. He was flipping through all the channels on dstv,
but couldn’t really find one that interested him. His mind was too
busy. He was thinking of tonight’s’ murder, the murder last month,
skimming through evidence and important information in his mind.
Somehow there were small things that looked very familiar to him,
small things that were bothering him, which he just could not figure
out. The yellow daisies.... His mother used to love yellow daisies
they were her favourite flower. His father would even buy her
bouquets of yellow daisies on the odd occasion, when they were still
happy, and before she made the decision to leave them.
John’s mother, Evelyn, had left him, his brother Brad, and their
father, Patrick many years ago. Evelyn was always a good mother,
although their fathers „bad ways had eventually led her to flee. He
was a gambling addict, gambled most of their money away. He was also
an alcoholic. She, on the other hand, was always loving, and
caring, would even read them bed time stories from time to time when
they were younger. When their father would come home in one of his
drunken stupors, upset that he had lost all their money again, she
would always bake cookies and cupcakes, with the hope of mending
broken hearts with her pastry delights. John could still remember
the day she left. It played over in his mind as if it was yesterday.
He and Brad had just come home from school. It was a hot summers’
day, the 12th of November in fact, 2002. They came home to the
sweet aroma of cookies, and cupcakes. He can remember when he smelt
that sweet delicious odour, something was wrong. Their mother was
in the kitchen, sobbing. They had walked up to her to greet her,
and when she turned around, she was covered in blood!! Their father
had hit her, again. She held onto them, and through the tears, told
them how much she loved them, but that she couldn’t do this anymore.
She told them that she was going to leave, but that she promised she
would come back for them.