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She bundled everything into the car, jumped in, and immediately put
on the heater, and also the radio, to break the awful sound of the
howling wind. For some or other reason, she felt very paranoid, as
if someone was watching her. As she looked into the rear view
mirror, the guard was still fast asleep, and the stray cat had made
a run for it. There was no one else around, but why did she feel so
scared? She started to turn the key, and the engine of her old
Palio, slowly started up, and idled... the cold was not doing it
much good. As she waited for the engine to heat a little, Sammy
sent John a message, telling him that she was in the car, and almost
on her way, and that she loved him.
After that, she put the car into gear, and was finally on her way.
“Mr Grober, this is Officer Langley, he’s the photographer.” “Mr,
Langley, thanks for coming out, and sorry to bother at such an hour.
I have already cordoned off the scene, so you can go in and take the
photos you need, no one will disturb you.” with that, John looked
down at his phone. Sammy’s message had come through. He was always
worried about her working late, and having to drive home at night
alone. Being a policeman, he knew how dangerous the streets were,
but his wife was not bothered about such things. She always says
that everything happens for a reason..... She was one of the
strongest, most independant women he knew. And he was proud of her
for that. But before he could reply to her message, his attention
was quickly diverted from Sammy, as the officer called him.
“John, this looks an awful lot like the previous murder last month.
All the pieces are starting to match up. All the victims are
female, to start with, all have long brown hair, and when we find
them, each of them has a piece of their body missing, and a yellow
daisy next to them?” Brad was always a very observant person. That
is one of the reasons why John had him promoted, he had a brilliant
future with the police, with his skills and knowledge. “I know,
Brad, but we can’t let the media get a hold of this information, it
might send out unnecessary fear... we have to be certain of our
facts here. Yes, all the pieces link, but there are small
differences. For now, just write up everything you see, and do the
rest of the paperwork, and I will see you in the morning. I’m
calling a meeting first thing to discuss this. We will have a
debriefing, and will map out all the information we have to date,
and link evidence.