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Chapter One - Working Late
Sammy was tired. She looked at the clock on the wall, and it was
already 09:43 pm. Where had the time gone? “These reports are due
tomorrow, and I’m not even done yet!” She said to herself. All her
fellow employees had gone home already, she was the only one left,
as usual. Sammy was a Financial Administrator, it was month end, and
there were endless reports to do. She always hated this time of
month. She thought to herself, contemplating whether to sit it out
and finish it, or pack up and go home. Eventually, after much
deliberation, she decided on the latter. While packing up her
laptop, and her piles of paperwork, she phoned John. “Hey, honey,”
was the reply on the other side. “Are you on your way home yet?”
Sammy’s husband was a policeman, working for the Crime Investigation
Unit. He was a Lieutenant, Head of the Crime Investigation Unit.
His many years of experience had assisted in his early promotion.
He definitely was a force to be reckoned with. He was the love of
her life. They had been happily married now, for almost 4 years.
There were no children yet, as they both wanted to enjoy their time
together, before settling down to have children, and their jobs were
also much too demanding to have kids.
“Babe, I’m leaving the office right now. I’m still not done, but
I’m going to bring it home with me, and see how far I can get. Are
you still at the scene?” John had been called out to a murder scene
a few hours earlier. This was the third womens’body found at these
mine dumps, and was possibly part of a serial killers„spree. He was
still stuck there, with the usual mundane tasks and procedures that
were involved with such a scene. Waiting for photographers to come,
busy with paperwork, waiting for the mortuary, the usual. “Yip hon
and it looks like I might be a while. You know how it goes. Just
please be safe, and give me a call when you get home, so that I know
you are okay. I love you babe!” “Okay, will do. I love you too.”
It was now 10:00 pm, and as Sammy looked up, she saw it was full
moon. The moon had never looked that bright, and beautiful. The
cold bit through her jacket like a rabid dog, seeping into her skin
and penetrating her bones, sending chills down her spine. She
looked anxiously around the parking lot, which was now deserted,
except for a security guard, who was fast asleep, and a stray cat,
that was looking for something to eat in the garbage. She clutched
her handbag, laptop bag, and her paper work, as she made her way to
her car, trying to shy away from the icy wind that was blowing
through her.