Novacadia HTML version

K.E. Ward
She was panting heavily, and her muscles felt like they
were on fire. Huge gulps of air could not seem to satisfy the
huge depletion in her lungs, and the pain in her body, in her
legs, in her arms, was almost intolerable, yet she knew that she
could not stop, not unless she wanted to be caught by the
astronauts and taken back to camp--an option she would not,
under any circumstances, let herself consider.
She was in the North Forest; that meant that no one could
have followed her unless they had done so on foot. But Earthmen
were much more powerful physically than Novacadians--thanks in
large part to their stronger gravitational pull, but also to
Novacadians did not need to be strong to survive on their
planet--or, at least, they didn't until the Earthmen began
The fauna was small and sparse, non-ferocious, and
besides, Novacadians were vegetarians. It was the flora that