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Planet and Red Dust. Originally published in 1923, they have been
reprinted frequently both here and abroad. They are now
scheduled for book publication. Especially for this magazine,
Murray Leinster has written the final story in the series. It is not
necessary to have read the previous stories to enjoy this one. Once
again, Burl experiences magnificent adventures against a colorful
background, but to the whole the author has added philosophical
and psychological observations that give this story a flavor seldom
achieved in science-fiction.
Under his real name of Will Fitzgerald Jenkins, the author has sold
to The Saturday Evening Post, Colliers', Today's Woman, in fact
every important publication in America. He has had over 1200
stories published, 15 books and 35 science-fiction stories
anthologized. His writing earned him a listing in Who's Who in
The Directory-ship Tethys made the first landing on the planet,
L21612. It was a goodly world, with an ample atmosphere and
many seas, which the nearby sun warmed so lavishly that a
perpetual cloud-bank hid them and all the solid ground from view.
It had mountains and islands and high plateaus. It had day and
night and rain. It had an equable climate, rather on the tropical
side. But it possessed no life.
No animals roamed its solid surface. No vegetation grew from its
rocks. Not even bacteria struggled with the stones to turn them into
soil. No living thing, however small, swam in its oceans. It was
one of that disappointing vast majority of otherwise admirable
worlds which was unsuited for colonization solely because it had
not been colonized before. It could be used for biological
experiments in a completely germ-free environment, or ships could
land upon it for water and supplies of air. The water was pure and