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The Non-Dieter Mindset
Table of Contents
Diets Unmasked|3
So Why Don’t Diets Work?|3
Your Best Line of Defense: Developing The Qualities of The Non-Dieter Mindset|5
Quality 1: Being Unconventional |6
Qualities 2 &3: Loving Food and Enjoying the Experience of Eating, and Having a
Healthy Enthusiasm for All Aspects of a Meal|7
Qualities 4, 5, & 6: Refraining From Negative Food Labeling, Being Open Minded, and
Staying Clear of Hurried Eating |9
Quality 7: Avoiding Skipped Meals |13
Quality 8& 9: Avoiding Food Impersonators and Finding a Balance Between Everyday
Eating and Indulgence|14
Quality 10: Finding a Positive Focus |16
Looking at the Overall Picture|17
Concluding Thought|18
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