Never Ever Ever Ever Give Up


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Never Ever Ever Ever Give up is a collection of motivational cartoons and quotes that will inspire you to keep going when the going gets tough! Cartoon Motivators will keep you focused on your road to success. Richard Duszczak (Pronounced Du-shack!) is a reasonably well known cartoonist in the United Kingdom, on a mission to become a reasonably well known cartoonist in the world. (And when he achieves that he'll up his goals to become a EXTREMELY WELL KNOWN cartoonist in the world...etc!)

Pei Ying

Cute and humourous cartoon. Great all-time motivation.

gaurishankar c

pereverence makes positive thoughts to progress and negative thoughts die and disappear.......I got this message from this presentation in a free and frank delightful manner. Thank you so much dear Richard.

David M. Pepper

Thank you for the uplift! I needed that!

Maggi Carstairs

I do not like the title as its from elsewhere and suggests the book is different to what it actually is.I love the clever cartoons and the selection of quotes.Maybe 'Why Not to Give Up' or something similar...or just 'Giving Up"

cristina bernadette salvanera

Very entertaining. Not boring because it is just like reading a comics. You want to read again and again.

Nooraini Nasir

A good book to have in hand in any season.

Pooja kumari

It was Nice Elaborated book with some of the awesome picture which make goal achieving as not a very hefty task but it can Be taken as fun in mind so that We can preserve our energy to use in right direction.

Hanna Vanessa Maglasang

great!!! lifting my spirit on the go..

jean romero

Very direct. It is exactly what the author promised. I thought his artwork contributed very nicely to the quotes. His style could really brighten up those dull powerpoint presentations that the unimployement agency uses. Even better, at military tap classes. How about at battered womens shelters? I'm amazed that 10700 people downloaded a book that says don't give up...Android there are only 3comments. That's a lot of people who are searching for a reason not to. Quit,not to shoot,not to jump. The author has something appealling here. Expound.......diversify....there are 70000 eyes that came to you for. Hope. Ibet very few of them were salespeople.


Pure drivelshould have given up reading it after first page

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