Never A Dull Moment: A Teacher's Memoir of Her Very Special Students


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These are touching, inspiring, and compelling human interest stories for everyone! Scot hasn’t spoken a word in five years, Richard has no thumbs, and Robert eats the zippers out of his clothes. Jody will never grow up, Wendy won’t live long enough to get married, and Lida takes comfort in Frankenstein and Jaws. These are six of the twenty-five students I had in my first extraordinary special education classroom. It was over thirty years ago and I can still “see” them exactly the way they were. I tell their spectacular stories because they each taught me lessons that every person, educator or not, should have an opportunity to learn. Complete book and paperback version available on Amazon and Createspace.


Teresa Holmgren

I am living is the house and on the farm where I was raised. My five children are grown. My husband is also a special education teacher. Green is my favorite color, I love trees, and next summer, I am undertaking the cultivation of giant pumpkins.

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