Neewa the Wonder Dog and the Ghost Hunters! Volume One: The Indian Medicine Woman's Mystery Revealed HTML version

certainly can’t tell Dad’s boss that we hunt ghosts. That’s right! We hunt ghosts, not
imaginary ones, but ghosts and spirits that give off real natural energy, paranormal
Dad says, “As long as I’m testing the equipment, the boss says it’s okay to take
the stuff home.”
When we go on a ghost hunt, we also bring night vision goggles, a special
infrared camera and a digital camera with sound recording capability to capture
everything that happens in an investigation. Dad says, “If it gives off energy, it can be
The equipment is the same kind of high- tech gear used to hunt tornadoes,
thunderstorms, or even criminals. I’m not exactly sure what Dad does during the day at
work. He doesn’t talk about it much. It’s kind of funny cause when we have all of the
equipment with us, Dad worries that someone might think we stole the stuff because of
the labels that say, “Property of US Government.” He says we have to keep a low profile.
My goal is to be the world’s most famous ghost hunter that ever lived. I’m talking
about having my own TV show and everything, that’s what I want.
My name is Christina, I’m fourteen years old and I hunt ghosts. Jacqueline, my
sister, we call her Jackie, is eleven years old and she hunts ghosts too.
Jackie and I kind of look alike but we are so different. She has wavy auburn hair
while mine is black and curly. Dad says I look really great with my hair up. That’s how I
hide all the curls that annoy the heck out of me. I get so mad cause my hair frizzes out all
over the place. I spend so much time straightening it, I could scream.