Neewa the Wonder Dog and the Ghost Hunters! Volume One: The Indian Medicine Woman's Mystery Revealed HTML version

is determined to find a doctor to save her pet. When a shaman vet miraculously turns up,
he supplies a charm, a potion and an incantation for Neewa to save her spirit.
Danger lurks around every corner but the sisters surprisingly find protection in
most unusual ways through a medicine woman, mythological animals, herbs and other
mystical means.
Throughout their extraordinary experiences the young sisters face various
dimensions of fear and joy.
Chapter 1 – Neewa’s New Family
Still can’t believe I moved 1500 miles away from our home and all my friends,
this is a big mistake. If it weren’t for Dad I would be home right now. I’d be hanging
with my friends and living in my house instead of this old broken down place.
I can’t understand why Mom moved to Canada either. It’s not fair that we are all
so far apart. I miss her so much. Grandma and Grandpa didn’t want us to leave either.
Everyone back home wanted us to stay.
Dad got this job with the government, that’s why we came out West. Monday
through Friday he works calculating all kinds of stuff with very fancy instruments,
electromagnetic field (EMF) meters, temperature sensors, static electricity & ionization
detectors, motion detectors, listening devices, radio frequency detectors, even radiation
But on the weekends we take, or rather we borrow, this same equipment and use
it. It’s a good thing the government doesn’t know what we do with their stuff. We