Nature Abhors a Vacuum HTML version

seemed ready to trample the big man until it was distracted by Pacian's sudden
appearance from the other side.
Aiden had lost track of him in the darkness, but Pacian had found a way to be useful.
He struck hard, plunging a dagger in between the beast‟s armoured plates, giving Colt a
chance to stagger back to the rest of the group. Pacian tried to hit it again with his other
dagger, but the borer's thrashing turned it away and he was thrown back into the shadows
his first dagger still stuck in its side.
“Clavis, give Pacian some cover!” Aiden yelled as the borer Pacian had struck turned
to follow its attacker into the shadows.
“I can't,” Clavis exclaimed, “I left me bow over with me tools!”
“Same with my longbow,” Colt grated, swinging his sword back and forth to try and
keep the first Borer at bay.
“I‟ve got mine,” Nellise cried, raising her weapon and aiming at the nearest borer.
Sayana pulled out her axe and ran around to one side of the creature focused on Colt. It
was lashing out with its paws, as he warily searched for a way past. There was enough
light to see the back end of the second creature, which gave Aiden an easy target for his
sword. Dashing forward, he struck with his blade before it could react.
The borer shrieked in pain, and then lashed out with its rear paw. Aiden had
anticipated this response however, and held his shield ready to block. The force of the
blow knocked him backwards, but he was otherwise unharmed.
A flash of light lit up the area of the cavernous hall, followed by the roar of the other
borer as Sayana bathed it in flame. Aiden risked a quick glance over to see Clavis was
slashing at its flank with his hatchet, while Colt was trying to bash its head in with his
sword. A crossbow bolt from Nellise pierced the creature‟s side, gaining its attention.
The borer turned to its left in a slow, lumbering fashion and then squirted a stream of
liquid from its mouth. Whatever the liquid was, it splashed on the ground at Nellise's feet,
sending up a cloud of noxious vapour as it sizzled on the bare rock.
“Oh they also squirt acid for eatin' through rock!” Clavis yelled as an afterthought.
“That would have been handy to know a few minutes ago,” Aiden called back, his
heart racing as he took another swing at the borer in front of him. Locating one if its paws
in the shadows, he swung at that next, slicing a huge gash along its rear leg. The beast
lurched towards Aiden, but its crippled leg couldn't maintain its weight.
“Pace, are you still over there?” Aiden called.
“Yeah, thanks for the assist, mate!” Pacian yelled back. “I'm pulling back though, it
got my arm pretty good.”
“I'll follow you out,” Aiden cried, stepping to one side and bolting for the group that
fought the other creature not twenty yards away. More flame erupted from Sayana's
position, causing the borer to shriek and recoil from the heat and light. With the other
beast partially crippled, they had a better chance of surviving this fight.
Aiden wasn't sure what had motivated them to attack – it might have been hunger, or
the light pained their eyes, or some other reason. But they couldn't just run them off,
considering how dangerous they were. This had to be a decisive victory if they wanted to
continue on through Ferrumgaard.
With the first borer on the defensive, Colt took the opportunity to take a powerful,
reckless swing at its head. His weapon struck a telling blow, gouging out one of its puny
eyes and spattering blood onto the stone. In doing so the big man had his left arm