Nature Abhors a Vacuum HTML version

of savagery, sparks flying from their weapons and armour as each combatant sought an
advantage over the other.
A shadow grew over the battlefield as something immense obscured the sun. Aiden
squinted against the light to see what was happening, and was staggered by the
appearance of a creature straight from legend. An immense gold dragon was descending
onto the battlefield, its wingspan easily over a hundred feet.
Talons the size of a man dug into the ground as it crashed to the surface behind the
black warrior and its tail swept over the battlements of the fort. Its fine scales gleamed in
the cold light, the majestic creature both immensely beautiful and terrifying beyond
measure. Sayana gaped at the sight of the great creature and trembling like a leaf, she
moved behind Aiden as far as she could.
Then, unexpectedly, the dragon turned its great head to look directly at her, eyes
narrowed and steam issuing from its nostrils. Sayana's mouth opened wide in a silent
scream, her left hand held up before her to create a trans lucent shield that seemed familiar
to Aiden. The dragon bellowed a mighty roar towards them and a flash of white light
engulfed the battlefield as a blast of wind sucked Aiden and Sayana off their feet.
Reflexively, he reached out his hands to stop the fall and dropped the glowing orb,
shattering it upon the ground of the cave.
Aiden sat bolt upright, throwing off his blanket and gasping for breath. The forest of
the Calespur ranges surrounded their camp and the grey light of pre-dawn tinged the sky.
The others were sleeping around the remains of the fire, but Sayana was sitting next to
him, her right hand still holding the shard hanging around his neck and a look of horror
stamped on her face. Snapping out of the trance she appeared to be in, she let go of the
shard as her body went limp and collapsed to the ground.
Aiden shook his head to try and clear out the nightmare from his mind as he tried
futilely to understand what had just happened. Sayana gestured weakly with her left hand
for him to lean closer. Still shaking, he got close enough to hear her whisper something in
his ear before she passed out.
“Aiden, that was no dream.”
* * *
It was well past noon before Aiden managed to shake the horrible feeling left by the
dream. Sayana's presence had not seemed usual while in the midst of it, but now, fully
awake, he was astonished at the thought she had somehow managed to be present in his
'That was no dream' she had said – the words haunted him, and he wanted nothing
more than to get some answers. Unfortunately, her remarkable feat had left the sorceress
severely weakened, to the point that he had to wait a full hour before she regained
The others remained unaware of what had transpired during the night. Even t hough
she had been trying to shout and scream within the vision, evidently Sayana had been
silent in the real world.
She had said nothing at all upon waking and remained quiet throughout the morning.
Nellise had expressed concern that Sayana was looking very tired, and surmised the late
night on watch had been harder on her than she had thought. Nellise forbade her to take