Nature Abhors a Vacuum HTML version

Pacian eventually went for help, leaving Aiden to spend a considerable amount of
time down in the hole. Aside from the light streaming in from above, there was only
blackness, but in the deepening gloom before him, he thought he saw something shining
in the dark. Curiosity getting the better of him, he crept forward to try to see the faint
light more clearly.
Avoiding the worst of the sharp rocks, Aiden reached the source of the dim blue
light. Slowly, he moved his right hand close to the light, and felt around to try and figure
out what the object was. It was round, cold and hard, which did very little to enlighten
him. But the instant both fingers touched it, his world changed.
The darkness of the cave was replaced with the near-blinding light of midday, dazing
Aiden as he squinted against the sudden brightness. Gaping in astonishment, he found
himself crouched upon a snowy plateau with majestic peaks looming around him.
He stood amidst a battle, surrounded by armoured men wearing the gold dragon
tabard of the Kingdom clashing against hooded and robed warriors, with signs of steel
armour hidden beneath their garb. The fallen from both sides of the battle littered the
landscape, and the ringing of steel and the cries of the combatants echoed across the la nd.
His mind struggled to comprehend what had happened to him when one of the
Kingdom soldiers suddenly ran through him, appearing out of his chest as though he were
a ghost. Sayana stood to his left, looking just as shocked as he was. Her right hand was
touching the glowing sphere in Aiden's hand, but she was too stunned by the vision to
She tugged at Aiden's sleeve with her free hand, drawing his attention. Her mouth
was moving, yet no words came out. She pulled on his arm, trying to drag him
backwards, but his feet were stuck fast.
Aiden's attention was caught by one man who stood on the wall of the fort, dressed
in shining, gold-trimmed armour, and appeared to be in command of the K ingdom forces.
He pointed across the field in warning, and as if o n cue, the ground started to shake from
what seemed to be a minor earthquake. Aiden felt all this as if he were standing right
there amongst it all, but the soldiers around him paid him no heed.
The ground shook with greater intensity until the head of some armoured creature
appeared, revealing more of its body as it closed the distance. It was easily over twelve
feet in height, with shoulders eight feet across and completely encased in ornate armour.
It gleamed with the appearance of burnished steel, and t he face etched onto the front of
the helmet was forged into an expression of haughty superiority.
It was joined by another, and another of the massive creatures, and a cry of despair
arose from the defending soldiers. Sayana grabbed Aiden's attention once more, turning
him toward her and practically shouting in his face. As before, no sounds came from her
mouth, and a look of frustration appeared on her fine features. She was trying to pry her
right hand off of the glowing sphere, but it refused to budge. Looking around desperately
for something to help, Sayana resigned herself to watching the battle before them and
slumped against Aiden's side.
After long minutes of untold bloodshed, only the black warrior remained to defend
the castle, and he faced off aga inst the last of the armoured creatures alone. This one was
different to the others though – shorter by several feet and wielding a huge sword in one
hand, the edge of the blade rippling with light. They came together in a devastating dance