Nature Abhors a Vacuum HTML version

Aiden came to the conclusion that this was the right time to see what his magical
glove did. He pulled it on and raised his arm, then spoke what he hoped was a word of
command that he‟d translated from the obscure writing engraved upon it. Half-expecting
it to shoot some kind of energy at the approaching bandits, he was instead rewarded with
a glowing translucent disc that appeared out of thin air, hovering just above his wrist.
At first confused, Aiden didn‟t have time to consider it further as a bearded man
bearing a short blade bore down on him. Caught off guard, Aiden reflexively raised his
arm, expecting to be run through by the attack. Instead, the blade was turned aside by the
disc of energy.
The bandit hadn‟t expected this and the sword twisted out of his hand, leaving him
momentarily vulnerable. Seizing his chance, Aiden thrust his sword into the side of the
man‟s chest and knocked him to the ground with the magical disc, which he used as if it
was a shield. The look on his enemy‟s face as he fell stayed with Aiden for a moment,
paralysing him as he realised he‟d just taken a life.
The fight didn‟t stop for him though. Ahead, Colt swung his sword in expert strikes,
either cutting down or forcing back three of his opponents whose blades simply weren‟t
long enough to reach past the massive weapon‟s arc.
From around the other side of the brush three more brigands approached, this time
more cautiously after witnessing the power of Colt‟s weapon. Pacian didn‟t give them a
chance to pause though. He dove in and knocked one to the ground, following up with a
couple of quick stabs.
Nellise loosed a bolt from her crossbow then tossed it aside, brandishing her
quarterstaff as she rushed to Aiden‟s side in time to avert the attack of an approaching
man he‟d failed to notice. With two quick moves, she disarmed the bandit and cracked
him over the head, leaving him unconscious on the ground.
A second man followed right behind him and shouldered Aiden hard, sending him
sprawling on the ground, gasping for breath. Nellise came to his aid once more, swinging
her staff low to hit the bandit before he could stand up again. Then, the looming presence
of a large man caused both of them to look up.
He was bigger than the rest, easily six- five in height and wield ing a shining
greatsword. Chain mail covered his torso and legs, protecting him from all but the
strongest of their weapons. His face was set in an uncompromising sneer, and his
unshaven stubble and dark eyes gave him an unsettling appearance. Fletcher had entered
the fray.
Nellise, with eyes wide took an involuntary step backwards at the ominous figure
bearing down on her, while Aiden rolled to one side and found his footing. Fletcher
swung the greatsword at Nellise, which she was able to duck beneath in the nick of time.
The towering bandit stepped in, hefting his greatsword in a wide sweep which
Nellise narrowly averted by knocking it aside with her staff Aiden saw his chance to act
and scrambled forward, slashing Fletcher not once but twice in a flurry of steel. However,
the chain armour defeated each attack with hardly a scratch to show for it.
Fletcher had a surly grin on his face as he turned to engage Aiden, who used his
magical shield to effectively block each swing. The big man wasn‟t the only problem
they were facing, however. More of his men were showing up, emerging from the
surrounding forest to join in the fight. If Aiden and his companions didn‟t find a way to
end this soon, they‟d be overwhelmed.