Nature Abhors a Vacuum HTML version

for the time being. His sword was gone, which didn't come as a surprise, making Aiden's
task that much more difficult.
Reaching into his backpack, he frantically fished around for anything that might
come in useful and pulled out a pair of lenses, fixed into a leather strap. He remembered
what they were and recalled the night he had gone through the treasures of Ferrumgaard
with Sayana.
A momentary feeling of dread overcame Aiden as he realised she too had been
captured, despite assuring her he would protect her. She may well be suffering the most
of them all. He quickly pulled the lenses over his head and was instantly able to see
across the land around him as if lit by a full moon.
The first problem solved, Aiden then rummaged around and pulled out the heavy
sceptre he'd been lugging around in his pack. If he'd remembered it, he might have
chosen to leave it behind to save weight, but if he could figure out how to make it work,
it might just turn out to be the thing that saved them.
Setting aside the sceptre, he retrieved the scroll cases and opened one up. The lenses
that allowed him to see in the dark didn't provide light, so he couldn't make out what was
written on the scrolls. He briefly considering lighting a torch, but didn‟t want to risk
being spotted.
Girding himself for the journey across the frozen wastes, Aiden could see heavy
footsteps in the snow and knew he were on the right track, yet the prospect of facing
dozens, if not hundreds of akoran warriors in order to free his friends weighed heavily on
his mind.
He travelled for an hour and more across the snowy ground with the bitter mountain
winds assailing his every step. Tiny dots of light began to appear at the edge of Aiden‟s
enhanced sight - the campfires of the akoran horde. There were dozens of them, and more
appearing by the minute. He began to grow concerned Colt and the others had been taken
into the middle of a vast enca mpment, yet as they continued on, the trail veered around
the edge.
Movement could be seen amongst the campfires. Aiden surmised that only the a few
unlucky souls were forced to keep watch during the winter chill, which was the sort of
good news he had been hoping for. His sight was better than anyone‟s, and he was able to
move around and keep them at the edge of his vision, remaining undetected.
Aiden peered through his lenses at the scene before them, seeing two akoran warriors
huddled against the cold at the mouth of a cave. Several torches lit the area, and a large
brazier flared with fire to help keep the two men warm. The heavy tracks Aiden had
followed all this way led directly into the cave.
Aiden crept in closer, confident he was invisible to the guards for the time being.
Getting past them would be a different matter, but thinking of invisibility gave him an
idea. He retrieved the scroll cases from his pack once more and unfurled them as
delicately as he could, being careful not to tear the ancient parchment. The light from the
nearby fires was just enough to read by, and he quickly scanned the contents.
His pulse quickened as Aiden leafed through the collection. The old wizard from
Ferrumgaard had accumulated an assortment of incantations that would transform Aiden