Nature Abhors a Vacuum HTML version

the wild girl, who was starting to look like she wanted to run away from this heated
“Okay,” she offered weakly, clutching the magnificent weapon, while Pacian glared
at Colt.
“There, happy now? Oh wait, I forgot who I was talking to for a moment there,” he
remarked, becoming more sarcastic by the minute.
“What the hell does that mean?” Colt growled dangerously.
“I think we should just cool things down a little,” Nellise offered, becoming
distressed by the direction of this discussion.
“You know what I mean,” Pacian continued. “Pining away over a woman so far out
of your class you wouldn't have a shot with her even if you had a thousand sovereigns to
your name.” Colt's answer came in the form of a fist, smashing Pacian in the nose with a
loud 'crack'. He stumbled to the floor as Nellise moved in-between them, arms held high
to keep them apart.
“Enough of this!” she ordered. “We're all tired from the ordeal we just went through,
and this is not the time to be throwing around wild accusations, or fists.”
“Good point, we did just go through an ordeal,” Colt agreed, but with an edge to his
voice as he turned to look at Aiden. “You were in favour of it from the beginning, weren't
you Aiden? When we fought those bloody borer things and were thinking about turning
around, you were quick to make us keep going.”
“Colt, this isn't helping,” Nellise chastised.
“You were up in that little room for a long time, Aiden,” Pacian added, his voice
sounding odd because of his broken nose, which he was tending to with a bloodied piece
of cloth.
“Hey, you were looking for something, right from the beginning, weren't you?” Colt
accused Aiden. He glanced briefly at Sayana, who slowly nodded her head in answer to
the unasked question – it was time for an explanation.
“Settle down, it‟s not a conspiracy,” Aiden calmly assured them. “I had come to
Bracksford to buy a book from the local antiquities shop. In this book, I had hoped to find
some answers to a problem that‟s plagued for me for years. Instead, I found clues which
indicated that what I was looking for was deep within Ferrumgaard. O nce I heard it was a
long-abandoned city, I knew I'd have trouble getting in there wit hout help. Clavis offered
to join up with us, for his own reasons of course, but I'm afraid I haven't been completely
forthcoming with my own.”
Colt took an ominous step towards him, which was disturbing in itself, but made
even more so by the fact that Nellise didn't try to stop him.
“So yes, I was striving to get to the information I sought the whole time,” Aiden
admitted, “but like Clavis, if you were all adamant about not pressing forward due to the
risk, I would have gladly turned around and left with you. I'm very sorry for not sharing
this with you at the start.”
“You cold bastard,” Colt spat. “This kingdom is starting to tear itself apart, yet you
have us on some wild goose chase in an old abandoned city, on the slim chance you
might find some musty old book that tells you... what exactly?” This was the part Aiden
had been trying to avoid mentioning in the first place.