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NATURAL CURE FOR AIDS To increase T-cell production use raw garlic.
NATURAL CURE FOR ANEMIA For an iron deficiency use blackstrap molasses, as it
is 3 times higher in iron then liver.
NATURAL CURE FOR ARTHRITIS A scientific study done at Wayne University
Medical School showed that a meat free, dairy free diet resulted in complete remission of
arthritis in the majority of participants.
NATURAL CURE FOR CANCER The herb Red Clover,(Trifolium Pratense), has been
used for over 100 years to treat and prevent cancer. It is good for cancer on any part of
the body.
NATURAL CURE FOR DIABETES Sunlight helps lower blood sugar, so everyday be
sure you are getting plenty of sunshine.
NATURAL CURE FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE A study done by the government,
(MRFIT) as reported in the Journal of American Medical Association (1982 JAMA 248:
1465-1477) found that the coronary mortality was 70% higher in a group of hypertensive
patients that received aggressive treatment when compared to a control group who
received no treatment. Conclusion High blood pressure drugs killed more people then
they helped. One simple way to help lower your blood pressure is to eliminate all caffeine
as found in coffee, tea and colas from your diet.
NATURAL CURE FOR HEADACHES Drink more water, as the brain is close to 90%
water and when you are dehydrated your brain is one of the first organs to let you know it.
WHAT HERBS TO USE FOR CERTAIN DISEASES Herbs are nature´s medicine. The
father of medicine Hipprocates, was an herbalist. For example one of the best herbs for
the prostate is the herb Saw Palmetto Berry
OVERWEIGHT 62% of the American people are overweight. If you desire to lose weight
adopt a diet that primarily consists of fresh fruits, (especially lemons), vegetables, whole
grains and beans.
NATURAL CURE FOR OSTEOPOROSIS The major cause of osteoporosis is eating to
much protein. One simple thing to improve osteoporosis is to get plenty of exercise.