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Chapter 1:

MySpace Marketing Revealed


MySpace Marketing Secrets

1.1 What is all About?

The web site has received a great deal of attention the last couple of years. But what is this site al about? Is it just for kids or does the site work wel for other ages as wel ? What can you do with the site? Here is some basic information about and some ideas on how the website might be helpful for you.

The first thing to understand about is that the foundational purpose of the site is one of communication. provides a means for you to create your own little corner of the Internet and devote it to your interests. Then, you can invite other people who hold similar interests to come on board and interact with you.

One example of a fairly common use of has to do with education. As many of us know from the news media, a number of kids use A large number of the kids who use the site do so as a means of communicating with one another on homework assignments.

The site al ows kids who are members of the same class in school to col aborate on projects, help each other study for upcoming exams, and to help each other communicate on homework assignments.

MySpace Marketing Secrets

At the same time, a growing number of col ege age students are finding that they can use for similar purposes. This can be a great application, especial y when study partners have a long-term project that is to be turned in at the end of the term.

Even with holiday breaks and other interruptions in the daily schedule, col ege students can go home for long weekends, but stil communicate about projects. The miles no longer make a difference. is also an easy way for younger siblings to keep in contact with their older brothers and sisters who have gone off to col ege. The chat feature al ows siblings to keep up with what is happening at home, and to relay information quickly if needed.

This can be a real help to freshmen col ege students who need a little bit of home while they adjust to student life. It can also be great for the brother or sister who is stil home, as the contact through helps him or her to stil feel connected to the older brother or sister., at it's best, is a great communication tool that can help people interact on just about any subject. To learn more about, go to their website and check out some of the features. You may find this would be a great tool for you and your family.

1.2 Is Just for Kids?

It seems like most of the media attention directed to has been on its use by school age children and teens. The fact of the matter is that the site is a great tool for al ages. Here are a few examples of ways that adults could utilize the features at

One of the key features of is the fact that it is a communication tool.

For persons who are involved in just about any type of business endeavor, the importance of timely and effective communication is obvious. can be a great way to network with other people who are involved in the same line of work. As an example, salespeople who work in different industries can get together and share sales strategies with one another, even to the point they can bounce ideas for sales pitches off one another, getting valuable and constructive criticism from their peers.

MySpace Marketing Secrets

In addition to helping each other hone their sales skil s, can also afford them the chance to share leads with one another. For instance, should Salesperson A become aware that a client of his is looking for a new long distance provider, he may tel Salesperson B, who sel s commercial long distance services. is also a great place for persons who share a common hobby to gather together. One of the perks of is that people do not have to live near you, so anyone who enjoys the same hobby can join in the conversation.

Perhaps you enjoy woodcarving, but there are few people in your towns who share your enthusiasm. Set up a profile on and feature woodcarving prominently.

You wil soon have a community of folks that wil be able to share tips and discuss your hobby at length. can also be a great place for adults who are devoted to a particular community project to come together in between live meetings. This can be especial y helpful when sub-committees need to col aborate on assignments before the next group meeting. With, there is no travel time. Everyone simply logs in at a pre-arranged time and can community freely with one another. has a number of features that make it a great communication tool for al ages. Log in at the site and explore the many options. You may find that there are already several communities you would like to become a part of. .

1.3 Why Choose MySpace?

Given al of the social networks currently available, why should you specifical y choose MySpace as the place to setup your profile and begin marketing? There are a number of reasons, but perhaps the best is that it is the largest network currently in existence.

MySpace boasts wel over 100 mil ion members, which is significantly larger than any of its competitors. In fact, for al demographic groups that MTV targets, MySpace has a higher rate and percentage of contact with a those same demographic groups.

Additional y, direct network competitors, such as FacE-Book, have much smal er membership numbers than MySpace.

If that isn't enough, MySpace also gives you more freedom to search profiles than most of its competitors. facebook, by contrast, only al ows account users to search profiles of MySpace Marketing Secrets

people who are in the same col ege or high school. This is highly restrictive if you are making some type of attempt to segment a niche.

Another benefit of using MySpace is that they have dozens of different forums and groups that are related to specific niches. This al ows you to find the exact people you need to invite as friends in order to sel your given product or service.

Yet another benefit of using MySpace over other social networks is that they have superior communication mechanisms. Large-scale bul etins and individual private messages al ow you to choose the right medium that you need in order to convey whatever your message or pitch happens to be for a given product or service.

Last, one of the biggest benefits of using MySpace is that they do not restrict the amount of images, information, or videos that you upload. This means you can absolutely saturate your page with al sorts of information about you or your business –

and you can do so without paying significant hosting fees, which you normal y would.

1.4 Who Can Use an Account with MySpace?

If you have been thinking about getting an account with, but are not sure if the site is right for you, here is some good news. is right for just about everyone. Here are a few examples of why getting an account with would be an asset for you.

If you are like most people, you find that you never seem to have the time to get away and see friends and family the way you would like. At times, the main obstacle is simply one of time and distance. Loved ones live far away and taking the time from work and other obligations make it difficult to visit.

Here is a classic application of When you and your loved ones sign up with, you can begin to use the services to stay in touch, even if you just have brief pockets of free time scattered through the week. Make arrangements to get together for quick chats using MySpace. There is no travel time involved and you get to catch up on how everyone is doing in less time that it would take to coordinate telephone conversations.

For single persons, offers the ability to create a profile and seek out other single people who live in the same general area. This can be especial y helpful if you are newly single after being in a relationship for a long period of time, or perhaps have just MySpace Marketing Secrets

moved to the area. wil al ow you to get to know a few basic facts about other people and then decide if you want to meet in person at some public location.

Many people have made new friends this way.

If you want to network with people who work in your profession, is an easy way to go about it. Whether your desire is to create a network of local range or something the covers a much larger geographical area, the application is stil the same.

By networking with others who understand your industry, you have the ability to share tips with one another, recommend resources, and just in general help one another deal with a chal enge that is being faced in the workplace. This type of community building can do great things for your morale, as wel as open up a valuable way for you to keep on top of what is happening across your industry.

These are just a few ways that people from al walks of life can benefit from having a account. Visit their home page today and see how easy it is to set up an account. You wil be glad you did.

1.5 Making Money on MySpace – Possible?

MySpace is absolutely loaded with al sorts of mechanisms for making money – al built into the system, but not for that purpose. As a marketer, you can think of MySpace as a massive network of potential affiliates and customers, al interwoven in a somewhat disorderly way. In order to make money, you must figure out how to overcome that disorder with a clean system.

The best way in which you can do that is to begin finding ways to break MySpace users into categories. Unless your product or service appeals to a general audience, you wil want to zero in on the groups you feel wil be your most responsive customers.

You can do this in several different ways.

One way is to use the search and browse functions to find people who have certain interests or use certain words in their profiles. For instance, if you're looking for someone who might make a good affiliate, you may search for people who have a background in computer science or in advertising. If you already have a profile at this point, you can simply add them to your friends list. If you find any unusual y good prospects, remember to record their names in some database, so you don't forget why you added them.

MySpace Marketing Secrets

Another way in which you can do this is to look for people in forums and groups related to your topic. Do whatever you can to add useful information to threads; and then attempt to get as many people to join your list from those specific groups and forums.

Once you have added these new friends, you may want to contact them periodical y to develop some type of personal relationship. For instance, you may want to send out bul etins that are related to your shared interest, but have nothing to do with your business.

Get them to visit your profile and to check out your business, rather than sending them bul etins that tel them to do so.

1.6 More Reasons to Get an Account with


You've probably heard some of the basic reasons to get a MySpace account. It is very true that it is a great way to easily keep in touch with distant family and friends. Also, it can real y be a help for someone who is single and looking for new friends. And we hal have heard how many teens use for col aborating on schoolwork as wel as hanging out with friends. But there is stil more to Here are a few more examples of how getting and account with MySpace can be helpful for you. is an excel ent way for faith-based organizations to interact with one another. As an example, a number of denominations today have very active peace and justice programs that run the span from the local congregation al the way through to denomination headquarters. Wouldn't it be great if there were some way that Peace and Justice coordinators could interact quickly and easily with their counterparts not only in other places around their denomination, but also with persons in other denominations who are engaged in the same type of work? al ows people with a common goal to come together, with no regard to distance.

We've discussed on the ability of MySpace to al ow families to stay in touch, even when the family members live al over the world. But did you know that al ows you to construct a family tree? This service is great, as you can find out many interesting anecdotes about family members as you work with relatives near and far to expand the branches on the tree. For someone who is an amateur genealogist, this particular feature is very attractive.

MySpace Marketing Secrets

Finding long lost acquaintances is another potential use of With the network growing every day, there is the chance that you can re-connect with people you went to school with, or who grew up in the same city or neighborhood. You can catch up on how people are doing these days, see who stil lives in the old neighborhood, and perhaps even renew some old relationships that you have not thought about in years. has something for just about everyone. Visit their site and you wil quickly see how easy it is to sign up for this free service. Then search the site; you may find several ways that you can get a lot from your membership.

MySpace Marketing Secrets

MySpace Marketing Secrets