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everyone's friend by default. Well, now it's time to build up your
friends list. You can do this in several ways. I'll show you the free way
which may take a bit longer and entails work, and I will show you the
easier way which will build your friends list faster.
I'm going to teach you how to build an extremely targeted network of
friends who will be interested in what you have to offer. Myspace has a
section on their website called "Groups". Each created group is
assigned to a particular category. For example if you want to target a
group about "Recipes", then you would go to the Myspace Groups
section and do a search for "Recipes". This will then give you results of
groups that relate to the word "recipes".
Review the search results and "Join" the group(s) that relate to your
keyword. The key here is that once you have joined a group, whatever
you post is sent to the ENTIRE group to see, meaning it is visible by all
group members. Be careful though, you need to build a relationship
with your group members before advertising anything. Do not spam
the group or you will be banned in most cases, and you'll ruin your
chances of building a targeted network.
Review the postings by other group members and respond to their
posts. You should do this for a few days, and then you can make some
posts of your own as well and have a link to your site included in the
posts. Do not ever make your post seem like an advertisement. Simply
make a general post or response but also have a link to your site
included. For the most part you do not have to advertise your link to
get traffic, you just need to have it listed, and most people will click on
it, if it's targeted to what the group is all about.
Now that you've started a relationship of posting and making
comments within Groups, the next step is to start sending friend
requests. A friend request is when you view a person's profile, you'll
see an option that says "Add To friends". If clicked, this will send a
request to the person stating that you would like to be added to their
friend network. If the person approves, you've just made a new friend
The next step is to go to your Group(s) that you have joined, and then
click on "View All Members", you can then view each person's profile
and send a friend request to each person within the group. It is
important to note that most groups have thousands of members, so
sending a friend request individually to each user WILL take some
Get Full Myspace E-book Version Now
Announcement: Get Full Version Myspace E-book Now
Get Full Version Myspace E-book Now
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version