My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

This is perhaps God’s greatest gift, the ability for all species of life to reproduce itself.
The sensual attraction of a man and a women loving one another is the most powerful
connection of life itself.
The smell of spring.
Though not on any calendar, we sense the day and the moment when spring arrives.
There is a freshness to the air. There is a certain smell, a warmth, a slight breeze and the
music of the birds.
The exhilarating feeling of knowing that all is going according to plan.
A baby’s first cry.
This is not consciously remembered by the child, but this first gasp at life must be a
miracle sign from God.
The sound of quiet.
Yes, there is a sound of silence. If we remain very still and very quiet, we will hear this
beautiful song.
Having knowledge and wisdom and common sense.
What a wonderful feeling it is to know that you are right, this is the power of knowledge
with no second thoughts and no regrets.
No guessing, this is real. This is the Father of all wisdom, knowledge, and being. The
truth is all. Everything is void without truth. Truth is the binding to all things.
All living beings.
Our most humble thoughts may be that all life was created by a force not of our world.
Our passing.
The beautiful and natural process of birth and death is a part of the supreme order of
things. God gave us life. We live this life to his pleasure. We die at his request.
My earthly stuff.
My life. Don’t mess with my life.
My God. My country. My home. My happiness.
My car. My stuff. My adventures. My beliefs.
My friends. My privacy. My failures. My successes.
My loves. My kids. My family. My fun. My way
My statement. My expressions. My being different.
My decisions for right or wrong. My responsibility.
My life. My side of the cave.