My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

Now, having that out of the way, I hope I am speaking to those people with an open
heart. The fact is, either America has been very lucky or God has been the reason we
have survived through all of these turbulent times! I don’t see any other options.
Throughout The Revolution, The Civil War, slavery, the two world wars, and all the
other horrors that America has faced, we as a nation, have always held together and
triumphed. I believe that our America is great because of the Grace of God.
Our wise forefathers knew that without God, our nation would not survive. I believe that
too many of our citizens have moved away from that concept. I further believe that this
continuing national pursuit of “secularism,” (the indifference or rejection to religious
consideration) will take us down the path to destruction. Does the fall of Greece or Rome
ring a bell?
Not everyone seems alarmed. There are liberal and progressive revisionists this very day
who are rewriting our history. They have led us to believe that our fore-fathers wanted us
to separate church and state. They tell us that the pilgrims were secular as well as
Christian. They down play the notion that most or all of our early institutions were
strongly Christian and that would include Harvard, Yale and Princton. They would deny
that early American schools taught from the Bible. The New England Primer, was one
such book that based all of it’s teachings from the Bible.
Men like John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James
Madison and other patriots of the time, knew that this experiment of government was
dependent upon Christian principles, including virtue and morality. America has
successfully followed these Christian principals, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights
for over 200 years. People from all over the world have strived to reach our shores and
live in the freedoms that America provides.
However our strength can also be our weakness. We must be constantly vigilant.
Throughout the generations there have been those who would do us wrong.
Presently there is a move towards more government power, deceit, secular teachings,
permissiveness, corruption and greed. This is a destructive path, but I am optimistic that
with God’s help we will set this ship right again!
The Bible tells us there is a time for everything. There is a time for silence and a time to
speak. We who love this great country must now speak up, loudly and in unity.
The rock of life.
The stability of the American family is and has always been the church. It forms us, it
teaches us, it reminds us, it protects us. Our church and our belief is the glue that holds us
together. We are talking of a strength that may not have existed anywhere else in the the
world. How could this be? Well the answer may be as simple as we chose the right
direction! From day one, Christianity has been a part of our nation!
People came to our shores to find freedom and brought with them a belief system that
centered around their church and their family. That’s it! That’s the package! Do not look
for a more complex answer. We came here, we live here. Leave us to our own devices.
A president recently spoke of middle America, by saying, “They have their guns and their
Bible.” A truer statement could not be said. My point is of course this is true. Our belief