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A game of life.
I contend that each of us at birth is given a number of marbles to play out the game of
life. There are some people who seem to get more marbles than others, but as has been
proven so many times before, life is not always fair!
But for this discussion, and for simplicity sake, let’s just pretend that we all get 100
marbles to play this game of life. These marbles will be the tools used to carry out all of
life’s activities.
The loss of a few marbles may start early in our youth. One example may involve having
fun and doing our little kid thing, when suddenly you spill your milk all over the new
carpet. We now have mom’s full attention and the yelling begins. A loud and angry mom
or dad will certainly take away a few marbles.
A young friend may be hurtful to you in some way. This disappointment may cause you
to subtract from your marble count. Other natural losses in our lives will certainly take
away some marbles. One incident that may happen in your teen years will be when your
first real love goes south. This can be a heart breaking event. Then, of course, there are
the big self- induced screw-ups in our lives. The bigger the screw-up, the greater the loss.
Going into mid-life, we usually have plenty of our marbles left, but then what jumps in
front of us is the questions of one’s mind, as in, “Honey, have you seen the car keys?”
Your first inward reaction may be I think I’m losing it! It is my contention that we
naturally lose some marbles each decade of our life after forty. Generally, the older we
get, the greater the loss.
We realize somewhere along the line that the old phrase, “They’re losing their marbles,”
may be applicable to me. We will discover that the game is over when we have too few
marbles to play with.
But, hey! It was fun playing the game!!!!
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Chapter 8
Christianity, our rock
The American Experiment
The American experiment is a chapter in “The Truth Project,” an educational series by
The Focus on the Family Institute. This series is about Christianity and how God speaks
to us through history, economics, philosophy, art, music, literature, media, science,
ethics, law and our social order. This wonderful series shines the light of truth. It would
be wonderful if every person could view this most informative series.
• Note: If discussing religion and Christianity offends you, disgusts you, or otherwise
leaves you cold, you may want to skip this opinion page! Then again, I might ask, why
are you reading this book at all?