My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

against the free market and business. They are buying up large tracts of land. They are
over regulating and over taxing. These are actions that will not stand.
It was Sir Isaac Newton, an English scientist, astronomer and philosopher, whose Third
Law of Motion states, “ For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
The results of our government’s present actions will have negative ramifications
(reaction). It is time for leadership and ordinary citizens to bone up on history, economics
and common sense.
A renewed spirit
Perhaps all of the world’s history, both bad and good, is indeed just an experiment and
has been planned by our Creator. Perhaps we make too big a deal of today’s problems.
Perhaps everything is going along just as planned.
Perhaps with all of our problems, real or imagined, we could be given a fresh new spirit,
a spirit of goodness, giving and happiness. We would only see the light and truth. We
would think of others before ourselves. We would have wisdom and common sense. We
would laugh and be happy. Let’s start this cycle with you, right now and hope that it
catches on!
The ramblings of the old.
The natural dying stage of life is a time of sadness. We watch as a loved one slips further
away from us. The last moments and days are very painful for family and friends. But it
can also be a time of celebration. The ending of a natural life is the last piece of a puzzle
that we humans see. Biblically, there is more, but we are not privileged to see beyond the
The last days are difficult to watch and, of course, we have no inkling of what this human
person is going through. We think that it must be terrible because of what we witness.
The ramblings, the groaning, the outbursts, perhaps crying and many other seeming
painful and sorrowful things that we hear from someone who is near death.
This is difficult to watch because we are relating to what we perceive as being painful. In
our pasts, we have watched a child as he or she cries from a hard fall. We feel their pain
because we have ourselves felt that pain. Been there, done that! Therefore we naturally
react to that remembrance. But we have never been in the shoes of the dying so we can
only assume that this must be painful for them. However, the natural order of this world
and a loving God who created it would not allow for this degree of pain that we assume is
there in front of our eyes.
Let’s just, for the sake of experiment, imagine that this last step is a fast backward look at
one’s own life. After all we hear them ramble on about their car or some other
possession. They will yell out names or events that may mean nothing to us. We, upon
hearing this, think that these are just the ramblings of the delusional, but, what if these
ramblings are the re-enactment of their life. Suppose they are seeing the past and perhaps,
even the future. As hard as this may be for us to grasp, this theory does more easily fit
into a world that was organized and designed by a loving God. We may be watching the
last miracle of life!
Losing your marbles.