My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

was the stuff of life! Generally, these early lives had little privacy, work was very hard
and to survive was an individual’s task. Work may have been assigned if you were
connected to a social tribe or nation. To exist was many times the result of being the
The present day to day life for a good portion of the world, finds humans more
complacent, more private and with a place to disengage from work. In the modern day
world there is more emphasis on the intellectual rather than the strong. There is more
time for thinking, which collectively has benefited our lives. Our toys are now different!
Leadership is now more likely to be based on intelligence or the perception of
intelligence. Rhetoric has replaced muscles!
The things that continue to be common with all of mankind are the things that we share.
Our planet, the sun, the sky and the air, what we can see, smell, hear and touch are the
truths not changeable with time. Other perpetual truths include our need for food, clothes,
fire, shelter, sleep and love. We also share a secondary need for boundaries, less
conspicuous, but no less important. We need something civil to keep us civilized! We
need laws, freedom, dignity, civility, and faith. We also have the spirit to give back. The
world has always revolved around the human spirit of life.
Change agents to our lives.
There have been marked human changes in much of the world in the past few hundred
years. These changes have affected the lives of millions. The use of birth control,
advances in agriculture, global distribution of goods, world wide communications, better
education and great advances in health and medicine, are some that come to mind. There
is a greater acceptance of Democracy and Capitalism in the world. Lastly, there is a
rebirth of Christianity as a religion of peace and love.
There are also negative change agents, where evil and darkness hang out, geographical
places that remain as they were thousands of years ago. They are many times, people who
are led by evil regimes and ruthless leaders. They give birth to hate and terrorism. These
are the grounds of hunger, thirst, disease and death.
For parts of Africa, rural China, and the Middle East, there are reminders of the harshest
possible existences. There are places where children gather dung to be used for fire,
latrines may be a hole in the ground, sewage is dumped into the water source and people
eat and sleep on the ground. In many places starvation is ever present. Life expectancy is
under forty years. Life is cheap and death is always close by.
For these people we must continue our efforts to help them. The next prayer, the next
project, the next acts of compassion and kindness may be the new beginning that allows
them their freedom.
Our natural laws
Everything there is or ever was
is by plan and designed by our Creator.