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Chapter 7
Philosophy and life
Philosophy and the American Experiment.
Philosophy plays a major role in the American Experiment. Philosophy and America fit
well together because “ we the people” set the course. Philosophy is defined as an overall
vision as to the attitude and purpose of life. It includes our beliefs, our thoughts and our
The common thread in all of this may be that we are here and we respond to truth! The
word “respond” indicates that homo sapiens are blessed with the ability to think and do.
This blessing from our Creator leaves with us a role to play, a role that we must take very
Our particular American experiment is successful because we have had strong and
courageous founders and citizens who have given of themselves, their lives and their
blood that we shall all be free.We have been blessed with leaders in the studies of the
humanities, the sciences, including education, engineering, the arts, philosophy, medicine
and invention, Our advances in these fields have enriched America and the world!
Common sense also plays a major role because all of the decisions that we are called on
to make, are based on sound and thoughtful judgment. As a nation, we are chuck full of
people who have made and continue to make good decisions. May it always be so!
It has been said, that man’s presence on earth is like a speck of sand on the beach and
presently we exist in just the first few minutes of time. Though too much of our time is
stagnated in destruction and pain, there have been glorious times between, where we find
love and creation. Our presence has been, either in rejection or existence of truth! The
search continues for life, purpose and truth.
There is a door waiting to be opened. God did not give to us these gifts to be wasted. The
natural yearning within us is to learn and explore and push forward. It is ever exciting
and all that we have to do is keep on, keeping on! This world, like the cosmos, is infinite,
as are the possibilities.
The natural laws.
Their everyday use.
Everyday living is the course of an individual life, the sum of one’s personal choices or
simply one’s personal identity. This evolves during the time between birth and death,
where one lives, with whom one associates, their education, their upbringing, their
government, their environment, their wealth and their religion, as all of these play a role.
The character, strength and common sense of an individual will be, in part, the result of
these truths.
It may have been different for those who were of another time. For early man, survival
alone was the highest priority. Staying alive, finding food and water, and finding shelter