My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

Divisions within our American goals gave us the Civil War, the Korean and the Viet Nam
Wars. We don’t want to go there again. We must always be of one voice.
It seems to be of late, that we are again becoming more divided. This will weaken us as a
nation and as a people! I believe that the major cause for this division is America’s drift
towards Secularism and Socialism. You can see this in nearly all liberal arts colleges.
Perhaps we need to empasize real American history, not a slanted version!
America’s success can be attributed to a free will national adherence to Christian ethics,
values and morals. History will not treat kindly a nation that moves away from common
sense middle ground and towards faddism. There are those who want a nanny
government to care for their every need, and others who believe in individualism. There
is a nation wide gap between progressive thinking and the more traditional conservative
approach to governing. There is pro choice and pro life. There are those who practice a
religion and those who do not. There are many bitter disputes that divide us.
It seems that people are becoming more entrenched into their beliefs and there is little
talk or movement to the ties that bind us together. We must tear down these walls before
this cancer takes away our energy, our creativity and our very existence.
This is a plea to all Americans to join together in our common goals, to forgive each
other, to join hands, to speak kindly of our country, to remember what got us here.
We can do this. We are a good people, and yes, we can forgive and forget. Our children
and our grandchildren need for us to come together. We can not let them down!!!!
12 ways to make America great again
1)- Stop all monetary giving to foreign nations. Money does not buy friends.
2)- Always offer non monetary help to those in need. American citizens do this best!
3)- Buy domestic oil first. The answer to our energy needs start here. Use foreign
purchases only as temporary measure.
4)- Greatly expand the search for energy. We are self sustaining in oil, gas and coal. This
is best done when government gets out of the way.
5)- Begin the Fair Tax System ( based on consumption ). Eliminate federal income and
corporate taxes.
6)- In all business and exchange, think incentive not penal, to encourage, not discourage.
7)- Bring God back into vogue. Learn to be proud Christians again.
8)- Eliminate laws that harm. Vote out of office, law makers who do harm.
9) - Government must follow the Constitution. Reform or repeal acts that do not abide by
the Constitution.
10 - Make schools local. Get the government out of education.
11) - Get out of the United Nations. Get the United Nations out of America.
12) - Bring the public back into the republic. Return to a government by and for the