My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

mistakes. George Wilhelm Hegel wrote, “Those who can not learn from history are
doomed to repeat it.” George Bernard Shaw said, “ We learn from history, that we learn
nothing from history.”
Now, if we just made these mistakes one time, maybe that could be overlooked, but over
and over again is wrong. Reading the past is to judge the future. I would hope and pray
that man could learn to learn. It is the common sense, good and thoughtful decisions that
will guide and determine our future. The way we govern, our educational system, the
religion we choose and how we live our lives may be the mirrored reflection of our
future. We will be what we allow us to be.
All things possible.
Thinkers and innovation.
The stepchild of common sense is thought, ideas, innovation and invention. All thought
process begins when we ask questions and look for answers. Invention is not possible
without using common sense.
We are inherently gifted to always be searching for what others can not see. Free flowing
ideas, innovations and inventions have been an American phenomenon.
We have had our Edisons and Franklins and Gates, just to name a few. The history books
are filled with people who have brought wondrous changes to our world. We are in debt
to them.
There are also multitudes of achievers who have made and continue to make less notable
advances, usually not as newsworthy, but most important, nonetheless. Albert Einstein
said, “The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.’’ It
is this everyday thinking that I draw your attention to. Thinkers gave us the common door
hinge, screw caps, sun glasses, swings, string, wire, games, finger nail clippers, door
mats, boots, pencils and about a zillon other things that we take for granted. Many of
these great ideas came from ordinary working craftsmen and thinkers who would ask
themselves, how can we do this better or faster or cheaper? These ordinary people had at
least one thing in common, and that would be vision! Such a simple thing, doesn’t
everyone have vision? Well, “duh,” I guess not.
The disturbing thing is that there seems to be a greater number of people who do not
think outside the box. They are acceptant of written words and directions by others.
Big government perpetuates this thought. These vegetative and passive followers might
well still be living in caves. Which side of the cave do you want?
Remember, as Americans, we have rights and privileges paid for in blood that allow us to
express ourselves freely. Do not become complacent. Those of you with vision, get off
the fence, step up to the plate, move your butts, step outside the box, for you are needed
and we anxiously await you.
Inventions. old and new.
A chronicle of inventions throughout the ages.
8000 bc