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From the cave to the present

In recent years some Americans, especially young college students, seem to be renouncing our history and our ideals. What in the world is happening? Why do they these people seem to be embracing socialism over freedom?

Are teaching institutions the problem? Are they using their pulpits to belittle America or are they simply not impassioned to the teaching of American history?

In the spring and summer of 1776, representatives from the 13 colonies gathered together in Philadelphia to discuss if our land was to be under the rule of another, or if we were to be free. These founding fathers met together, knowing that the mere discussion of forming a new land could be considered treasonous and was an endangerment to both them and their families.

Generations of Americans have given of their lives to hold on to this freedom and our way of life. We are here by the grace of God. Our task is to see to it that our heritage remains strong and free to all. We can never let down our guard. We must always remain vigilant. This heavy task is ours to bear!

Philosophy, invention, education, government, religion and common sense all play a part in this human experience. How do they all fit together? What part do we play?

The common thread simply might be that we are here and we respond. The word

“respond” indicates that mankind is blessed with the ability to think and do! This blessing from our Creator leaves with us a role to play, a role that we must take very seriously!

God did not give us these gifts to be wasted. The natural yearning within us is to learn and explore and push forward. It is ever exciting for us, and all we have to do is keep on, keeping on!

The following chapters will hopefully illustrate our accomplishments, our history, our thinking, our government, our education, where we have been and where we are to go.

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