My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

forming a new land could be considered treasonous and was an endangerment to both
them and their families.
Generations of Americans have given of their lives to hold on to this freedom and our
way of life. We are here by the grace of God. Our task is to see to it that our heritage
remains strong and free to all. We can never let down our guard. We must always remain
vigilant. This heavy task is ours to bear!
Philosophy, invention, education, government, religion and common sense all play a part
in this human experience. How do they all fit together? What part do we play?
The common thread simply might be that we are here and we respond. The word
“respond” indicates that mankind is blessed with the ability to think and do! This blessing
from our Creator leaves with us a role to play, a role that we must take very seriously!
God did not give us these gifts to be wasted. The natural yearning within us is to learn
and explore and push forward. It is ever exciting for us, and all we have to do is keep on,
keeping on!
The following chapters will hopefully illustrate our accomplishments, our history, our
thinking, our government, our education, where we have been and where we are to go.
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Chapter 1
Invention. The search
A place to start
Our world and our universe is such a beautiful and organized body making it quite
obvious that man had nothing to do with its making.
Men and women throughout history have accomplished wondrous things. These common
sense dreamers through hard work and diligence, through failure and success, have
greatly enriched our world.
For me, my first enlightenment might have been when President John F. Kennedy spoke
of Americans going to the moon………….. Wow! That was big stuff. He was telling this
nation that we could build space ships, leave our planet earth and travel to the moon!
For crying out loud, we are still using outhouses and he is telling us we can go to the
moon. Are you crazy? But there were people who could dream and people who could
make dreams come true and, from that, the space program was born. These first steps
allowed mankind to acknowledge the unlimited possibilities in front of us and the
promise that we could achieve beyond our imagination.
The human element is so full of promise, yet we sometimes fall short. Why is this so?
Good proven standards have been set in stone, yet we sometimes look elsewhere for
On one hand, we are wise and intelligent enough to make so much positive history, to
write about it and to record it. But there is another side, our darker side, that can make
grave mistakes that we tend to cover up, forget, and worst of all, not learn by those