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don’t personally like Chicago pizza, but some people would die for them. New York
pizza is a turnoff. Reminds me of eating a tire. Heavy, heavy, but hey! Millions of people
love em. Everybody to their own. I don’t see how anybody eats a pie with anchovies.
I was in the Navy and enjoying some shore duty in Italy and I’m saying wow! Italian
pizza. This is where it is. So I go to this place and order a pizza. They bring out this
cooked dough with tomato sauce on top. It was awful. So much for my dream come true.
No, America is pizza land!
My favorite pizza place, hands down is in my hometown. Every 5 years our high school
class meets there to celebrate and salivate.They opened back in the 50’s and it remains
consistantly the same. The dough is very thin, with corn meal rubbed on the bottom to
keep it from burning. They use a very hot oven, lots of cheese, and pepperoni hand
placed end to end so that it is completely covered. Man, I’m telling you, this is heaven on
earth. It just doesn’t get any better than this.
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Chapter 5
Education in America
From something simple to something complex
Our public school system is presently controlled by the government and the teachers
unions. They are cheered on by a complacent citizenry. Together we are producing
mediocrity in America.
Too many high school graduating students are not prepared to meet the demands of
college. Too many graduates are not prepared to enter the work force. The percentage of
students not completing high school is over 50% in some areas. Some of these students
are dysfunctional and with minimal skills that will hinder them for life. This high failure
rate indicates that there are a multitude of systematic problems. Government, bureaucracy
and unions are a large part of the problem. Close behind are too many poor teachers and
absentee parents.
If this were a private entity operating the educational system, they would lose their
contract. There was a time when our educational system was ranked among the best in
the world. This is not so now! If this situation is not corrected, the result will be a society
in decline! This is a shame on our nation!
How did we come from one room schools, where parents, students and teachers were all
closely involved with the education process to what we have today? We have taken
something simple and made it complex!
Early education was a simple process of one person speaking and another listening and
learning. It was efficient. It was local. It was inexpensive. And most importantly, it
involved caring parents. Common sense was a cornerstone. The three R’s were the
mainstay; reading, writing and arithmetic. Students also learned geography, history and