My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

• We don’t need to reinvent air. It’s perfect as it is.
• Rain is also perfect. Don’t fool with our sun either.
• God most certainly gave us corn on the cob.
• His second best gift was sweet tea with tons of ice.
• I like my car. It is my feel good comfort zone.
• Lying on a hammock under a shade tree is nearly heaven.
• Lying in the grass or on a feather bed is also up there.
• Good sex. Bad sex is a close second.
• A ride in the country with the top down.
• Being with old friends. Don’t mess with my friends.
• Quit fooling with newspapers. The news and my coffee.
• Conception. God will get pissed if you fool with the babies.
• Books. Like em just fine.
• Free enterprise and capitalism. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.
Don’t screw with our heads, we’ll figure it out on our own.
• Radio and tv. Not the greatest inventions, but now that we have them, hands off.
• I like my remote control and other creature comforts.
• My home, my state and my country. Big government stay the hell out.
• Football and baseball are perfect as they are. Covered stadiums and lighted ball
diamonds take away the romance.
• Love. Maybe the greatest thing God gave us. The old saying, love makes the world go
around is surely true.
Pizza is perfect
Yes, I repeat, pizza is perfect, so don’t mess with our pizzas! Most people have a lifetime
yearning for their favorite eats which would include a steak, lobster, pasta, shrimp, or
even a great hot dog. Chicago dogs come to mind. How about the Philly cheese steak?
For me it’s a pizza. I invented pizza. After the football game, we had pizza. When we
were working on the car, we’re stuffin a pizza. On a date, we have a pizza. Lord, when I
die, I want a cheese and pepperoni.
Beer is not the same without pizza. There have been times when I had pizza every day
and I still never got tired of it.
I remember driving back from the west coast and I’m actually salivating, thinking of
pizza. I must also add, that the same thing happened thinking about southern barbeque
and sweet tea, but, hey! that’s just me.
I remember the first pizza pie that I ever had. I remember the occasions and the friends
and a large supreme. I remember bad pizzas that were heavy or hard or soggy or cold. I