My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

The common sense of it all
and how it works nearly every time it is used.
Now you might ask, what does common sense have to do with inventions, your home,
your transportation, and all of the other material and non - material things in our lives?
Let’s just say that without common sense most of what we know and everything as we
know it, would be negatively altered. Situations that do not work well are many times the
result of faulty thinking. Things that are not well thought out, where common sense is not
used, are places of failure!
We see examples over and over again where backward or wayward philosophies lead
countries and their peoples to the darkest of times. Historically, we see oppressive
political regimes who go against the will of their citizens and of Natural Law, and the
ultimate result is always negative.
Let us look at some examples of the absence of common sense:
•Global warming theory. The planet has been here for 10 zillion years and has, in its
recent past remained quite stable. The sun comes up each day, there is light and dark,
winter and summer and basically everything seems to be rocking along in a normal
fashion. Now “common sense” would tell us, based on these historic facts, that
everything is cool and we need not panic. Tomorrow and the tomorrows after will most
likely be a copy of our immediate past.
So, don’t let the people who practice this doomsday religion, ruin your Sunday afternoon
picnic. Just remember these are some of the same people, who not too many years ago
were predicting an upcoming ice age.
•Airport security. You are waiting in line to fly to grandma’s house and in this line are
average looking people, children, some old folks and a man who is young, seemingly
suspicious, dark eyes, seems nervous, and honestly not someone you would invite home
to dinner. The inspection moves along and with the exception of a grandmotherly type
lady who is being padded down, everyone else including the suspicious looking man is
boarding the plane. Duh! Common sense is out to lunch!
•Education. In early America, children were educated in a small building, sometimes only
one room and within walking distance of where they lived with a mom and a dad. This
system worked rather well and it was cheap.
Today’s massive government education factories are “common sense challenged!”
A far removed bureaucrat, most likely from the Federal Department of Education, selects
the subjects taught, the teaching methods and all under the guise of political correctness.
Add to this mix, complacent and below average teaching staffs and the hammer of unions
and we have a prescription for failure.
Government schools are teaching less and costing more. In Washington D.C. the total
cost per student is nearly $25,000. How did we get into this predicament? How do we get
out? The most saddening human dimension is the generations of mediocrity that we have