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You then kick off your shoes and blow out a deep breath, like you are releasing all the
weight of the world. At this moment in time, there is no pretension, there is only you.
Freedom’s next step may involve a glass of beer or wine, some soft music and sitting
back in your favorite easy chair to unwind.
If this all sounds familiar to you, it is because all of us face this same experience
everyday. The world outside your door can be menacing, tangled and overwhelming. The
home is the place that separates us from the insanity of life. That’s the reason that your
home is more than a structure. It is your security blanket. It is your cave or your castle. It
is your little private world.
It is better if your home is a bit older, like wine, it gets better with age. A home with
some size to it is good, as this offers more places to hide things and yourself. Your place
need not be too tidy. A little dust is good for the soul. A small bed like place, comfy like
a mattress of straw, a bit lumpy and with some pillows, near a window is good for
afternoon naps and your regeneration.
Some other get away areas may include an old soft chair with a little light over your
shoulder for reading. This area is especially cozy when not kept too neat.
It is good if some rooms in the house have some warm spots or cold spots. In the winter,
it is refreshing to visit a north window and see a little snow on the inside of the glass
pane. This is a reminder to be humble!
A covered and screened porch in the spring and fall is wondrous. The fresh air, the
sunshine and the busy noises wake us up to life. On the porch you are still in control.
Only a few feet away is that door to your privacy and security. The porch is also better if
it has some age with natural wood floors and perhaps an overhead fan. This is a place
where you can be a spectator to all the activities of life, some children playing, some
neighbors discussing the everyday stuff, a dog barking and a gentle breeze through the
trees. This is great! Back in the house, if it’s a bit cold, a good warmer-upper is an old
stove or fireside. Every home should have a fireplace. It is oh so civil!
These remembrances allow us to see what is really important in life. The good things are
usually simple and cost little.
I also like color. It can be used to set the tone of a particular room, or make it warm or
cozy. The opposite side of that is the wonderful feeling of natural wood. My father used
knotty pine in his office and I will never forget the majesty of it.
Basements and attics can be great hideaways if temperature or moisture is not a problem.
I love old roomy garages or barns. They can hold memories of another time.
All in all, today’s homes and today’s cars, have lost a bit of the character that they once
had. However, they remain our most valued personal assets.
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Chapter 4
Common sense. The thread