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The single biggest change agent needed in our homes today might be a desire for more
flexibility. Nearly everything built into our homes is pretty rigid and not easily adaptable.
We may need more or less space, we may desire a change in design, our personal habits
and culture may change, the children moving out demand change, getting older demands
change and of course we may have physical changes such as special handicap
requirements. The bottom line is that inquiring minds want to know if anyone out there is
• Time and space theory
I contend that there is a direct correlation between the time spent in a particular area of
your home and the amount of space required for same.
For example, we spend 1/3 of each day sleeping, therefore about 1/3 of our total square
footage should be in the bedroom/bathroom area. Another example might be, if you cook
and eat all of your meals at home, perhaps up to 1/4 of the total space might be allotted
for the kitchen and eating areas. Now this would be food for thought!
A further breakdown of this theory
The master bedroom suite, using the above logic, would therefore emphasize special
needs and comfort, such as size, shape, color, texture, natural light, good lighting,
openness, ease of movement, soft carpeting, overhead fans, good ventilation, a place to
read or study, a large and private place to dress, mirrors, loads of storage and other
personal needs should be considered.
The kitchen and eat-in spaces need a facelift. This will involve size, shape and emphasis
on our special needs. We might ask about the types of meals we eat, the preparation
required, how many people are involved and will these meals be generally in a formal or
informal atmosphere? These spaces also need new innovative thought regarding comfort,
flow, beauty, function, lighting, ventilation, and tons of storage. I ask also, why does the
kitchen have to look, well, like a kitchen?
The entertainment area with our high television usage may be, for some, an area where
the family spends a great deal of time. This may be one room or more, including space
for the tv, music, reading, relaxing, entertaining and could also be an optional space for
office work, recreation and special projects. The area needs to be cozy, but functional,
with pleasing textures and colors. Personal emphasis should include special lighting and
electrical needs.
Your cave. Your castle.
I would like to tell you what I believe a home is to me. First of all, I’ll tell you what it
isn’t. It is not a place to sleep, eat and park your car. I’m referring to something much
deeper. I’m speaking of a place where you walk from the physical side of your life to a
more spiritual and personal side.When you open the door to your home, walk in and close
the door behind you, you have immediately separated yourself from all that stuff that has
possessed your total being for the past many hours.
Your home is your sanctuary. Think protection, security and privacy. This is your private
place where no one can come in unless you invite them. You are in control! You call the