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1951-55 Ferrari Type America Coupe
1947 Ford Super Deluxe Convertible (woody)
1958 Pontiac Bonneville
1987-88 Porsche 959 Coupe.
This is my list. What are your favorites?
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Chapter 3
Your home your castle
Our homes and our cars.
Capitalism and freedom at work.
The automobile and our home play a big part in the Great American Experiment.
Ownership of either or both of these material things is a measure of who we are. It is
more than just transportation and a roof over our heads. It is a feelgood statement that we
have arrived! It is not arrogance, just fact! Owning personal property was a major reason
that immigrants came to America in the first place. We can never over emphasize the
human need for freedom and all that can be achieved with freedom.
The ending of World War Two in 1945, brought millions of young servicemen home. All
of these men and women were heroes coming back from the brink of hell! Their goal was
to forget the nightmare that they had lived through and return home to a normal life. They
wanted to get married, start a family, learn a trade or go to college. They were bursting
with enthusiasm and pent up energy. They wanted to start life anew.
There was an immediate need for America to respond and we did. The fires of American
ingenuity were lit. Detroit went from building tanks to building cars. Farmers expanded
land and crops. The G.I. Bill was created for returning soldiers to get into college or buy
a home. Businesses were started and thrived. Manufacturing put on another shift.
Homebuilders went into high gear. The same energy used in wartime was now being
shifted to peacetime.
Ownership of a home and a car became common place. Oh, and one more thing that
happened was babies. Births skyrocketed and formed “the baby boomer generation.”
The American family began living the good life! It was now possible for most families to
own a modest 1000 square foot frame or concrete block home for under $5000. This
same family could also buy a new American, fourdoor sedan for about $600. People were
making more money and they were spending it. This was the beginning of a new middle
class America. It survives today thanks to freedom and the American dream!
The American home.
From the farms to the cities.