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and interstate commerce was now possible from east coast to west coast. This was a
boom to the prosperity of our land and the people.
There is a down side and it is called congestion. This is the result of too many
automobiles using too few highways. No blame here. Road builders and planners had no
idea of the traffic problems that they would soon face.
Examples abound in cities all over the country where roads and streets butt right against
private business and home properties. It is therefore difficult now to change or make
Even in suburban areas today, highway planning may be inadequate. They build two
lanes only to come back later and add two more lanes. A few traffic lights multiply into
lights on every corner. This could also be said of signage, which in some cases grows to
be obscene. Beautiful highway scapes turn into plain old ugly.
Traffic congestion can be a nightmare, turning left is a high risk, waiting at red lights is
forever, and you along with the 10,000 other drivers sitting at that traffic light, and
collectively wasting millions of gallons of gasoline!
There are one way streets, bumps, pot holes, idiot drivers, short sighted laws, and about a
zillion other problems that can make your driving, well …… just no fun!
This is not what they had in mind when they wrote that old jingle, “In my merry
Solving our traffic problems.
……….. Or not.
Well, I don’t think there’s a snowballs chance in hell of solving all the traffic problems,
but there is room for monumental improvements and I wish to add my two cents worth.
• How about four way stop signs in place of signals. Cheap and simple. California has
been very successful using them.
• Install signals only as a last resort. Traffic lights are way over used.
• Caution blinker lights and stop signs are adequate in many cases, especially during
night time hours.
• Electrically controlled and programmed stop and caution signs make sense. Many can
be solar operated. Most could be adapted to improve traffic flow.
• Widen two lane roads to allow slower traffic to move right. Texas (fm) roads do this,
and it is, oh so civil!
• Local access roads relieve congestion and reduce accidents. Greater setbacks are
required early on. Weighting the disruption and the sacrifice against the rewards will be a
formidable selling task.
• Build thoroughfares around cities for all the obvious reasons. Local business may resist,
but the result would reduce local congestion and accidents.
• Raise interstate speed limits. Think of the Autobahn in Germany. With little risk, high
speed lanes are practical on most interstate highways. A high speed coast to coast