My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

If everyone could open their imaginative minds and fantasize outside of their constructed
walls, our list of possibilities might extend from here to the moon!
There is no lack of ideas or dreams, there is only a lack of using the power of the human
mind to make them happen! An interesting quote from nobel prize winner, Albert Szent
Gyorgyi, stated, “ Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what
nobody has thought.”
• note: There are various sites on the internet, including the how to of inventing,
inventing 101 for beginners, creative thinking, creating creativity, and innovation and so
many more. Search and you will find!
It is important to recognize that freedom of the people is always the catalyst to thought
and action. Freedom and surrounding yourself with other positive thinking people! It is
important to remember that all things are posssible with God!
Getting it right.
I remember in one of my college classes there was a heated debate over things that are
right or wrong; black and white or, whatever else most folks would consider to be
“no brainers.” However, one young lady stated, “There is no right or wrong, sometimes
it’s wrong and sometimes it’s right.” This bit of intellect, practiced and honed by some
people, is the type of thinking that scares the daylights out of people. What is really scary
is that this person is allowed to vote!
However, and the point remains, that man will always fail and even when using
seemingly good judgment may still get it wrong. Only God and God’s word is truth.
Everything else can be manipulated. (think revisionism). Having said that, the use of
common sense wins most of the time. The dictionary’s definition of common sense is,
“ The result or agreement of a common people, based on sound judgment, a natural
understanding and is self evident.”
An example of common sense comes to mind. “ If it sounds like a duck and walks like a
duck, it is most likely a duck.” In recent years, trendy and politically correct people might
say, well, maybe it’s not a duck. Their government schooled logic tells them to question
everything and this is especially true if the discovery is old (pre their generation). Now,
don’t get me wrong, to question something is generally a good thing. However, it makes
no sense to reinvent the wheel. Listening, learning and thinking is normally positive, but
you must ask yourself, from whom am I listening, learning and thinking?
Karl Marx was a teacher from whom many disciples were made. Following a man or a
philosophy demands that we choose wisely.
Our great American forefathers did not stumble around in the dark without a sense of
direction and a lived knowledge of history. Great thinkers and leaders are generally
virtuous, moral, and of good character. They are able to see, absorb and positively react.
They generally believe that common sense allows one to see life more simply. History is
chuck full of people who thought and excelled.
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