My Requiem Lullaby HTML version

I follow my mom to the car. The car ride is quiet. The radio was playing, playing the same crap over
and over. And they were broadcasting three channels. My mom after the course of the disastrous
news got more and more hysterical. Like, she really doesn’tbelievetheworldiscomingtoanend.
She keeps saying the scientists will find something.
“SeeBart, you hear the radio, the scientists say that there mightbesomethingtheycando.”
Oh my God and shit, I think to myself.
“Listenma they stopped having people report any more news. This is just a recording. The
scientists just probably dug a big hole, and only for themselves and rich folks. Nobody gives two
I turn the station to the next.
Yup I was right, they’re playing the same song over and over, on what use to be my favourite radio
station, Kiss FM. Kiss my ass is what it is now, pretty much with this shit song.
“God,notanotherduhduhduhduh,pausewait for it ma,duhduhduhduh.”
Beethoven's5thSymphony,itwasn’tbad.Itwasn’tamasterpieceoranythingthough. But put on
something else. I mean the duh duh duh duh part screams out to a moment in life where something
bad is going to happen. And well, no shit something bad is going to happen, but do I have to be
reminded of it every time I turn on the radio. Nevermindit’snotevenadecentsong,it’s a shit song,
seriously shit. Whoever left this song on in the studio has a sick sense of humour.Imean...Idon’t
know, maybe the song just got ruined for me because I heard it too many times. Another duh duh
duh duh, shit the trash woke up,she’scrying.
“Yeah right, kind of like you and me rightma,”Ilaughabit.
Shedoesn’tlookatme, just shrugs. She gave up on me a long time ago and I have no idea why the
hellso.IguessI’mjusteverybody’sbastard kid,kindoflikemydaughter.Butstill,I’mprobably
nicertomykidthenmymomistome.Whatever,it’sallcrap.I’mjustcomparinghorseshit to
bullshit, who cares right? Shit.