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My New Neighbour HTML version

My New Neighbour
By Rebecca J
I was working on an assignment my college professor gave us when I heard the sound of a
truck pulling in the drive way “It must be the new neighbours” I thought as I walked up to my
bedroom window to check out who the new ne ighbours where that mom had told me about in
the morning. I looked out the window to find a handsome man around my dad’s age and his
equally beautiful wife but what I caught my eye was a guy who might be a little older than
me. He was a complete eye candy. Never in my life have I seen such a handsome and sexy
man with such a perfect jaw line. The minute his eyes met mine, I could feel wetness between
my legs.
”Wow he could arouse me just by looking... I wonder how it would feel to have his cock
inside me and him sucking my nipples.”I pressed my legs closer to stop the familiar
throbbing in my pussy. I backed away from the window and tried to concentrate on my
assignment but couldn’t get rid of the new hot neighbour from my mind. My hands
involuntarily started sliding down my body and into my shorts. I gently rubbed my clitoris
imagining that it was his big sturdy fingers rubbing on pussy .I gently pinched my nipple
while slowing moving my fingers in and out of my pussy thinking of how it would feel if he
was doing it. Before I could imagine further I heard my mother calling me.
“Damn...such a bad timing.”I thought to myself and went downstairs to see what the fuss was
“Hey honey, you know what the new neighbours Reeds, they used to go to high with me and
your dads so I invited them over for dinner.So go get dressed and behave nicely.No sarcasm
and no attitude...Got it?”My mom ordered me, knowing my attitude towards guests.
“Yes, mom I got it. I am going to get ready now “I replied and ran back to my room to get
ready as I take a hell lot of time to get ready. There was a little excitement in me; maybe it