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© 2012 by Lynn E Oliveira
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My Name is Nkosi
My Name is Nkosi
Cover Design by Q Unlimited Group, Media division
Book Arranged by Solly Motsoane
My Name is Nkosi is a ictional book based on real life
facts either observed and/or experienced by the writer
Lynn E Oliveira. This book is based on actual facts and/
or collection of real life stories from different sources put
into one.
This book doesn’t relect the believes of the writer nor
that of the publishers.
First Edition, Electronic Form (PDF),
printed by Q Unlimited Group, September 2012.
ISBN 978-0-620-53946-3
Lynn E Oliveira, Writer
Vereeneging, South Africa
Solly Motsoane, CEO of Q Unlimited Group
Braamischerville, Soweto, South Africa |