My God Comes to You


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Is god REALLY that omnipotent you ask? My God is. How do I know this? Because even when I thought it was me doing the searching, the grasping, the believing in, and the harnessing up of faith, did GOD come to me and say: We are both excited. And I have been hurrying your way as well. I am with you. Even when you cannot find the strength to climb another rung to me, I am hurrying down the ladder to be with you. For I am not a wholesome, loving God unless I am willing to come down to your level and get you, because I Totally, in all aspects of My Name As God, LOVE YOU!

Rojano Panahizade

from the very first lines, actullay the introductry lines, i like the tune, way of describing & choosing words to show & express pure feeling toward God.thank you & wish you the best


Jay M. Horne

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