My Fair Princess HTML version

My Fair Princess
A Sweet & Spicy Romance
By Nona Mae King
The Proposal
Princess Nia adjusted her crossed arms. She stood on the open-air walkway of her castle home,
soaking in the sights and smells of Alaera. Locks of blonde danced in the breeze, her blue eyes
sparkling as she gazed up at the stars above. Wings the puff white of a passing cloud fluttered in the
caress of the wind. She shifted her petite feet. It seemed only yesterday her father, King Thaedis,
appointed her princess of the realm.
In actuality, four years had come and gone. Four long and fulfilling years of learning more about
what it meant to be an involved princess of Alaera. Deeper aspects of the politics. A more intense
understanding of the levels of diplomacy. Business tactics for the realm's growth, and of course a
more personal involvement with her people. All had been, and continued to be, an adventure she
never regretted.
Though she did miss the adventures with her friends traveling the countryside and solving what
mysteries they could find. Nia's smile widened at the welcome bombardment of memories. I should
have them over for dinner again. It's been ages. She inclined her head, the expectation causing
another flutter of wing before she turned to make her way back into the castle.
Her father crested the stairs to her room just as she entered through the hall door. "Hello, Father.
How did your meeting go?" She pressed a kiss upon his cheek. When her step-mother crested the
stairs, the quiver of her smile gave Nia pause. "Mother? What is wrong?"
King Thaedis motioned to the chair and table of her room. "Nia, there are items we need to
"Certainly." Nia sat on the edge of the chair, her hands clasped in her lap. She kept her mind distant
from creating stories to explain her mother's taut lips.
Her step-mother sat beside her and gathered Nia's hands into a warm clasp. "You are Alaera's
treasure, my darling, which holds certain… responsibilities."
"Of course, mother, I understand."
King Thaedis cleared his throat, drawing her attention. Nia focused on keeping her breathing calm.
"We have shared this conversation before, my dear, the expectation of arranging a union to benefit
the realm."
Nia blinked, her smile faltering as her step-mother's hands tightened their clasp of hers. "O-of
course I remember. I... did not know there was one to consider."