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Remember that history is an account from a point of view; the New Testament is a testament to the fact that a life may be recorded from multiple different perspectives. We can see from the different accounts of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John that they are in fact different perspectives of the life of Jesus Christ. The variations of the accounts of the life Jesus vary; however, the general accounts of his life and works remain consistent in all versions. This is like the scripture found in the Old Testament, they are accounts from the perspective of people that were with the individuals at the time and handed down as oral tradition.

Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah of the Old Testament are examples of a prophets’ work cut short by invaders. Many times the prophet societies were under threat of invasion by foreign forces. Much like today, the world was under threat of improper rule of greed, oppression, poverty, and hunger. The prophets and angels come down to instruct and guide the people to salvation. Sometimes these prophecies and warnings fall on deaf ears and the future cannot be changed. Remember that prophecy can be altered, which is the reason for the prophets and angels to lead humanity to the rule of reason.



Many times, because we come from such a technologically advanced time in history, it is hard to imagine life of the people of the past. This bias often distorts the meanings and struggles of the Bible, and the generations of the future often ridicule or cannot relate to the word of the past. As the prophets and angels continue man’s evolution forward in time (history), more stories, sacrifices, and struggles are recorded and illustrated to serve as an example for humanity to follow and learn from. Later as the future becomes real, these values and doctrines become laws and ways of living for the people of the time.

The primary focus in the Judaism paradigm will be the six books that make up the Hexateuch. These books are Genesis, Exodus, Leviti-29

My BelIef

cus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and the book of Joshua. The compilation of these six books forms the Hexateuch( meaning six books in Greek expression translated from the Septuagint). These are considered to be the oldest translation of Hebrew scripture into Greek. From Greek it then was translated into Latin. From Latin it was translated to English and French, and is currently the majority of what makes the Old Testament.

We start with Judaism, because true Judaism dates back to the time of creation; it is the forming of the world, which is the first evolutionary process to the beginnings of life. Since this book is attempting to explain the progression of man, and the proof of God, it would be logical to begin at the start of time when the world and universe was said to be created. This begins with the acts of Genesis and will progress through to the prophets.

The text attempts to show the evolution of the law and the result of the people transgressing the word of the prophets. What we see is the unity of all religions and the proof of these religions through the scientific process, which makes the events of the Bible more of a miracle than people may see. So it makes complete sense to begin with Genesis and eventually evolve to modern science, which will hopefully give the reader greater insight of the progress of man, religion, science, and the reason why we are here and where we are going.

Remember that Judaism’s birth may begin at the time of Abram, but it is the written oral traditions of the forefathers (Noah, Shem, Ham) that have been recorded and written by Moses and the elders.

These scriptures have been handed down since the beginning of communication and have come from divine insight of the prophets and angels (messengers).


5. genesIs

The Neolithic period began in approximately 25,000 BC, Neolithic meaning first societies of man grouping together in nomadic lifestyles similar to the native people of North America or the tribal communities found in Africa and South America. The first oral teachings of Judaism originated at some point in this time period. Since these dates are much earlier than the emergence of written history, many of the thoughts and origins of these beliefs can only be educated guesses with the use of deductive reasoning and rational. It cannot be proven whether or not the writings of Genesis stemmed from these oral traditions.

Many parallels in native writings include the formation of man out of clay, fire, and water. There is reference to man being made of clay in the Qur’an.

he It Is who Created you froM Clay, and then deCreed a stated terM. and there Is In hIs PresenCe another deterMIned terM; yet ye douBt wIthIn yourselves.

Surah 6:2-Al’ An’am1

It is a scientific fact that we are made of water and minerals (metaphorically speaking, clay.). Genesis does not state that we are made from clay, but suggests that we all come from Adam (even Eve is suggested to have originated from Adam <rib>). Egyptian writings suggest that we come from Aton (which sounds remarkably similar to Adam), the ruling god of the sun. Since God could be said to be the universe and the first man his sun (metaphorically), we could say that Adam is 1

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Meaning of The Holy Qur’an, Amana Publications, 1408 AH/1989.


My BelIef

the ruling god of the sun or the Son of God (the light of the world).

Since even clay, light (sun), and water is made up of atoms, and the basic scientific unit of life is an atom, then we all can agree that we are made from atoms. All living things are made from water and minerals (clay), it can then be said that we are “born of clay,” therefore, making us all come from atoms. This would eventually over many millions of years give rise to the first man “Adam,” who can be seen as the light of the world or the sun/son of man. We all come from “Mother Earth” (Eve, Gaia, the egg), therefore giving a metaphoric mother to the first man ever born, and all life on earth for that matter.

There is an Egyptian creation story that shows how the first pharaoh Ra came from “the great solar disk” in the universe as an eagle to the giant egg or world (earth/Mother Nature), thus giving rise to the creation of the world. This is similar to the creation story of the natives: the Creator created life on the giant turtle’s back, then breathed life into clay, forming man. This illustrates metaphoric comparison of the earth to animals, and man to nature. These illustrations were needed to relate to the people so they could understand. “The earth rose from the sea like the back of a turtle, filled with clay and earth,” is a relation and metaphor that the people of the time could understand.

We also begin to see the comparison of people to the earth, universe, sun, and animals.

Since nothing on earth can survive without the sun, this would refer to the star of our earth being more like God than anything else.

From this use of logic we find that Apollo in mythology (being the sun god) and the Star of David in Judaism (being a star) have a close relation and a close timeline. Many native and tribal cultures have beliefs that the sun is the greatest god on the earth, and attribute the origination of all life to come from the sun or something like a sun (star).

Since man is made in the image of God, we therefore are all gods.

let us Make Man In our IMage, aCCordIng to our lIkeness; let theM

have doMInIon over the fIsh and the sea, over the BIrds of the aIr, and over the Cattle, over all the earth and over every CreePIng thIng that CreePs on the earth.

GeNesis 1:26(NKJV)

Since all life does essentially come from the sun, earth, and water, it would be easy to see how primitive people would give the name “gods” 32

Joe IsaaC gauthIer

to these elements, or perhaps men could or be perceived to manipulate these phenomena. Since God is the creator of life, and all these elements combined form life, it would not be hard to see why these people attributed great importance to these phenomena.

Remember that even the gods rose from a greater conscious or supreme energy. The fact is that light (energy) and water are the only “true” elements that defy the laws of chemistry. Water expands when cold, and light (electricity) takes the easiest path. Water is primarily what makes up all living beings, and light is theoretically everything..., including water (explained in final chapter).

Most religions, if not ALL, imply that God is the ruler of the gods, or us as a people. This is the God or energy of the universe that Judaism believes in. Most if not all religions of some sort make parallels with the sun or metaphors with the sun (star) or greater star in their analogies. In fact when making reference to God, all religions use metaphors of all of life’s emotions and surroundings to describe and relate to their creator.

It is for this life and these emotions that are our reason for being and purpose of existence came into being. Thus we have the birth of Judaism, being the star of the universe that even our sun came from (Big Bang) and all things that have ever been created. When all that energy from the universe is together for one moment in time (the point of origin), that is God. This energy is ever present, found in all things, and can never by destroyed, simply transformed from one state to another. This energy can never be proven or disproven; it simply is.

When we speak of God, we refer to a nameless entity that governs the dimensions and parallels of existence. This entity can only be named as the nameless, and it is beyond our realm of comprehension and understanding; this life on earth helps us prepare for that comprehension and understanding. We as beings and people represent a higher and greater conscious; every animal, plant, and thing has their own domain and purpose.

The events described in Genesis clearly happened prior to the creation of written history; it would be best assumed using logical reasoning that the creation writings in Genesis were oral in nature. These verbal teachings were handed down from generation to generation amongst the elders or shamans, similar to the native people and their chiefs. These elders eventually over time evolved into priests, scribes, judges, and rab-33

My BelIef

bis. These elders were usually in control of high rank or key positions in society. These figures possessed huge political influence, and often their word overpowered the rule of kings.

This is commonplace even in modern society, as the pope has enormous political and societal power over many people and parts of the world. Genesis contains the primary conveyance of the first teachings of these elders or ancient leaders. Some tribal cultures have an eighty to ninety percent accuracy ratio for oral traditions (from son, father, and grandfather) and seem fairly accurate among history. Some of these cultures have carried ancient traditions and stories for thousands of years.

This timeline is factual within science, and corresponds with historical documentation of human history up to the year 55,000 BC (approximation). Much of what is history prior to this year is actually just as-sumption and educated guesswork based on ancient human remains and artefacts.

Imagine trying to explain the Big Bang theory and quantum physics to people 12,000 years ago! Genesis says, the earth was wIthout forM, and voId; and darkness was on the faCe of the deeP. and the sPIrIt of god was hoverIng over the faCe of the waters.

GeNesis 1:2 (NKJV)

Life would not have existed on earth because light, water, and earth did not have a chance to evolve and interact yet—thus making the earth

“without form and void.”

Prior to the Big Bang all the energy of the universe was joined together in a formation which I have deemed to be the point of origin. This

“point of origin” could be viewed as heaven or hell, depending on the life you have lived. Once there, all living things (meaning life with consciousness) are then enlightened with the knowledge of God. For one second in time all beings are alive without the fear of survival, death, or worry.

Since all beings are enlightened or at peace with their creator (being the omnificent energy found in all things), their lives will therefore be judged according to themselves.

If you lived a meaningless life of murder and rape, for example, you 34

Joe IsaaC gauthIer

will spend eternity dwelling on these actions, questioning forever why you have done these things. Once the knowledge of the creator is in you, acts such as murder or rape will be seen as pointless, meaningless, and destructive, therefore, making the person’s entire existence meaningless, pointless, and destructive. Once filled with the knowledge of God, the soul will be then judged to have little or no value. Imagine dealing with that for eternity.

Imagine the fact that you have brought nothing but the destruction of life and been the cause of pain to the people that God has placed around you. This cycle of evil committed in the life the person lived will be judged; however, eventually all sin is forgiven at the point of origin if the person truly seeks forgiveness. The point of this is to cleanse the soul of sin, pay your debt to God, and hope the mercy of salvation in God will be placed on your soul. If not, you may never exist again or be put through an endless nightmare in which torment cannot be escaped.

Granted even the energy of rocks and gases will be at the point of origin. The difference between the energy in the stones and the gases is that they are not conscious on earth; so why then would they be conscious, or have knowledge of being at the point of origin? If you do not experience life here, then why would you experience life after death? Meaning: a roCk has no knowledge of BeIng a roCk on earth; But a huMan or dog Most CertaInly does. a roCk would have no knowledge of BeIng a roCk at the PoInt of orIgIn, so the saMe would not Be true for a huMan or a dog.

After the initiation of the Big Bang, the atoms (containing everything the universe is compiled of) were sent hurling into the void, endless expanse we call space. These atoms were propelled in all directions and all forms, containing all elements of life (ranging from light to rock) from densest to least dense atoms. They were sent in all directions. Essentially it was the largest burst of energy ever created, and its magnitude cannot even be fathomed or understood to by the human mind. Prior to this, the point of origin would have been the largest single star in the universe. Not a star, but a collection of conscious, for it is the thought that governs creation, a greater intelligence.

Our galaxy was caught in a perfect convection of push and pull forces, creating a perfect balance in space. The atoms began to attract and join together; Genesis states that God made the heavens and the earth in six (6) days and on the seventh day God rests. This is the com-35

My BelIef

mon creation writing shared between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

You will note that at the end of every segment of days, scripture concludes with “So the evening and the morning were the first day.” Or “So the evening and the morning were the second day.” And so on… What would the logical reasoning for this be if the sun and moon were not created until the fourth day?

Imagine trying to explain how the world formed and took shape to a people 3,300 years ago (time of Moses). These people had no idea what a stage or cycle is. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe there was a word to explain these meanings until scientific thought or language evolved.

Naturally every human being experiences a day; it would be easy to explain or conclude a stage or cycle by way of evening and morning. When evening turns to morning or vice versa, this would naturally conclude the end of a day’s work. This term or concept would be familiar to all people and is a term that all common folk could understand. Remember we are dealing with a people who cannot read, write (primitively), and/or speak very well. The concept of days can also be applied to the scientific school of thought when understanding how the earth formed through metaphoric interpretation. How is this possible? Let me explain.