My America is Democracy Floundering?


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A citizen's passionate views on our duty to vote, civil rights,respect for the flag and elected officals with integrity.


This book presents excellent analysis of the issues at heart in the last several presidential elections, among them are gay marriage, flag desecration, pre-emptive war, and the two-party system. This book addresses the validity and necessity of both conservative and liberal values and beliefs. The book is biased to the author's political views(which are a comfortable fusion of progressive and conservative), but he elaborates upon the reason for his beliefs, explaining why he chooses one over another in a specific instance. The author is concise and to the point; giving solid, logical evidence, then moving on to the next issue. He also refrains from injecting either religious or anti-religious claims into his arguments - making them stronger, as well as establishing an understanding with every reader, not merely those of his particular religion. All in all, this is a short book that I would definitely


I found this book to have great insights and a positive approach to dealing with our floundering democracy. This book covers the tough questions we should all be asking of our elected officials. I enjoy reading a book that is about issues andthe actions we should be taking as responsible citizens. This book is a call to action. I will pass this book alone to all my friends. LeeMarin Works

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