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Muscle Growth Guide
2 Muscle Building Secrets Guaranteed to Add Muscle Mass!
Building muscle mass is much easier to do when you are armed with the correct information. With
the correct information, you'll build muscle mass faster than you thought possible.
If you're frustrated with your muscle gain or fat loss goals, I sympathize with you completely, and
understand exactly what you are going through. I worked out for years before finally figuring out the
correct ways to go about building muscles and losing fat.
I finally figured out that the routines and weight lifting tips touted by professional bodybuilders and
the muscle magazines just aren't going to work for most people. But take heart, you can start
building muscle with effective weight training routines and nutrition programs.
Following are a couple of weight lifting tips that I've found to be extremely effective in building
muscle and adding strength as quickly as possible. Putting together a program that incorporates the
following weightlifting tips will point you in the right direction and get you making gains you hadn't
thought were possible.
Building Muscle Tip #1 - An Intense Twist
Arthur Jones, inventor of Nautilus, pioneered the concept of training with 100% intensity, ie, training
to failure. And this is an extremely important part of your routine if you are interested in building
muscles as quickly as possible.
However, as others caught on toe Arthur's effective training ideas and the training to failure concept
became more widespread, an important piece of advice by Arthur was forgotten. Arthur suggested
that people go beyond failure.
And I'm not talking about some of the more popular high intensity techniques available today such
as rest-pause, forced reps, drop sets, etc. I'm talking about a very specific way of training to failure
that is very effective for building muscle mass.
Arthur Jones suggested that once you could no longer complete another repetition, you should
continue pushing or pulling on the weight for approximately another 20 seconds. Obviously, on
certain exercises like squats or bench presses, you either need to work in a power rack with safety
pins or have a very good spotter.
Let's use the bench press as an example of how to use this bodybuilding technique for building
muscles. Most people, when they start a rep and get stuck near the bottom, they drop the weight
against the safety pins or have their spotter help rack it. Instead, you should continue pushing
against that immovable weight for a good twenty seconds.
On barbell curls, you would most likely come to a grinding halt about two or three inches into the
rep, when your arms are slightly bent. You know you won't make the rep but you continue to pull on
the bar for as long as you can before finishing the set.