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Muscle Growth Guide

So the more you want a specific goal, the more intensity you'll train with. If you're tired of being picked on or teased for being skinny or small, that will keep you training with intensity in the gym.


Start being more aware of the level of intensity you're using in the gym. Are you giving it your very best when you step in the gym?


If not, you may not have strong enough goals or a strong enough reason for working out. Until you find your "hot button", 100% intensity will elude you.

Visualize what you want to achieve from working out in the gym. Picture yourself with the lean, muscular physique you want. And realize that it will take intense and consistent training to achieve that.

And since intensity is the key to building muscle, start using as much of it in the gym as you can. If you start training with 100% intensity, you'll soon start achieving all of your muscle building goals.


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