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Muscle Growth Guide
3) Rest for 3-5 minutes between sets, because negative training is very intense on your muscles.
1) It is best to dedicate one day out of the week and do a whole workout routine focused on
negative movements only.
2) If you can hold, or lower a weight for longer than 5 seconds, consider increasing the weight as it
may be too light. If it takes you less than 3 seconds to lower a weight, consider reducing the pounds
as the weight may be too heavy.
3) Don't overtrain! Listen to your body...Stick to less sets, and once you reach a set where it's taking
you less than 3 seconds to lower a weight, STOP!
4) If you don't have a partner, you can train uni-laterally, using only one side of your body. This can
be achieved with dumbbells, machines, and cables. Your non-active side would spot or support your
active side.
As mentioned earlier, eccentric, or negative, movements have been shown to cause greater
muscle-breakdown, neural adaptations, & recruitment of Type II Muscle Fibers.
This means that you can experience better muscle growth, greater strength gains, & more
Make sure to dedicate one day a week to do an entire workout routine focused on negative
movements only.
You now have the knowledge to enter the fast-lane of muscle growth. How fast you want to go is
entirely up to you...
Until next time, have an absolutely muscle-blasting workout routine!
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