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10 pounds
25 pounds
50 pounds
If you stick with cast iron weights you are pretty much guaranteed that the
weights will remain constant over time as opposed to those that are plastic
encased or other metals that could warp over time.
If planning to go with the “home gym” sticking with standard weights is probably
best for you. One of the advantages is that you can find standard weights
available as a “package” that will include your bars, weights and collars. Most
standard weight packages also come with dumbbells.
You will also need to have a weight bench. There are varying types of benches.
You can find adjustable types that you can set for different inclines. This is a
good buy because by adjusting the incline or decline, you can create a number of
different exercises to work out different muscle groups.
Multistation Machines
There is no getting around it. When you begin looking at high end equipment,
you can pretty much bet that you are going to have to spend quite a bit of money.
These are often referred to as “home gyms.”
This piece of equipment is multi-purpose and able to serve more than one person
at a time. They are designed with multiple work stations and the exercises are
ones that can’t be done with barbells such as leg curls, lat pull downs, leg
extensions, and cable movements.
Some things you need to take under consideration with this type of equipment is
the size. Do you have sufficient space to house a multistation machine? They are
pretty much stationery and not designed for portability. Cost is another factor as
well as who will be using the machine. If it will be used by more than one
individual the cost effectiveness of such equipment increases if you are weighing
the purchase against joining a club.
Obvious advantages are that you and your partner can both use the equipment
simultaneously and there is the added convenience of having the ability to train in
your own home.
Variable Resistance Machines
What are variable resistance machines? Think Nautilus® or Bowflex®. Both are
variable resistance machines that provide an alternative to free weight training.
The primary advantage is the constant resistance in the range of movement for
the muscle group you are training. Another huge advantage over traditional
weight training is that by working with constant resistance, you make the muscle
stronger and you do it much faster than the traditional method.
This type of training also lets you deliver exactly the amount of exercise you
desire to whatever specific muscle group you are working. There is the benefit of