Muscle Building Mania HTML version

No discussion of bodybuilding would be complete without addressing anabolic
steroids and, just as important, their so-called alternatives.
Barely a day goes by that you don’t hear about yet another well-known athletic
exposed as a user of steroids. Use of steroids for the purpose of bodybuilding or
other sports related enhancement is illegal in the United States.
Anabolic steroids are considered a “controlled substance” and any unlawful use
is punishable by law. Period. We won’t discuss this further here.
Unfortunately, there are a disreputable few who have managed to find other
chemicals that perform in a similar way but are not “technically” anabolic steroids.
This is very dangerous practice. Some of those alternatives include prescriptions,
veterinary, investigational, unapproved drugs and some dietary supplements.
Those described as dietary supplements can be very dangerous as they are
regulated as foods instead of drugs. Because of this, there is no information to
substantiate their use by bodybuilders nor any data on short or long term effects.
It is very easy to be defrauded by some of these so-called supplements. They
can make claims that lead the bodybuilder to believe that they will accomplish
miracles lie building muscle, promoting testosterone and so on. The truth is they
do not.
In fact the government conducted a 10 year study and collected more than 3,000
drug samples over the “black market.”
What they found was that many of the samples were not steroids at all, but other
potentially more dangerous, prescription drugs.
The sad thing is that many of these are popular among teenagers.
Here is a list of some potential health effects of drugs and other substances-
ranging from the mildest to the most severe-used as alternatives to anabolic
* greasy skin
* headache
* severe acne
* premature balding
* bloating associated with water retention
* dizziness
* chills
* drowsiness
* nausea
* vomiting
* muscle tremors
* fever
* fast heart rate
* slowed heart rate