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If you expected to find a list of recommended dietary supplements, you will not
find it here. Requirements for supplementation is unique to every individual and
that includes bodybuilders.
We will give you some “food for thought.”
Magazines, web sites and other publications that present certain supplements as
the “be all and end all” for good nutrition are usually funded and/or sponsored by
companies that manufacture. . .guess what? Yep, supplements. Our position is
that right or wrong, any information that is presented by an entity funded by such
companies presents a genuine conflict of interest.
It is for that reason that we recommend that you take your advice on
supplements from your personal physician or a licensed dietician who is familiar
with sports wellness and the bodybuilder lifestyle.
As a bodybuilder you are told that supplements can help you to gain weight, build
muscles and in strength training. There is no “magic pill” that will guarantee
results, yet there are thousands of advertisements making truly outrageous
claims. The truth is that no amount of supplements is a replacement for a
healthy, nutritious diet.
Again, our recommendation is to consult with your physician, do your own
research and due diligence before adding supplements to your daily regimen.
If you determine that dietary supplements are appropriate for you, and you don’t
feel the importance of consulting with your physician or dietician, there are some
guidelines you can use to insure that you are ingesting exactly what you are
In the United States, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has stringent
laws about packaging guidelines for supplements. Some things you should follow
when shopping for supplements include what the packaging must show:
Name of the product
Directions for use
Supplement facts panel (serving size, amount, and active ingredient.
Other ingredients
Name and address of maker, packer or distributor. Write to this address for more
product information.
Narcotics and dangerous drugs, including anabolic steroids, are prohibited entry
and there are severe penalties if imported.